Facebook will train Mexican entrepreneurs

Mexican entrepreneurs can improve their digital skills at the "Aprende con Facebook" platform.

On Friday, May 3, Facebook inaugurated Impulsa con Facebook (Boosts with Facebook), a program that aims to train 11,000 Mexican entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in 35 cities throughout the country in 2019.

The goal of this Facebook campaign is to help companies adopt digital tools and thus boost their growth as businesses.

The Mexican population is the fourth place worldwide in the use of social networks, and the people that use them has increased in recent years. According to Xochitl Balzola-Widmann, Facebook Mexico Director, “In Mexico, 68% of small and medium-sized companies that have a presence on Facebook have increased their sales since joining the platform. Our goal is to keep increasing this number. “

In the program Impulsa con Facebook, attendees learn to use Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to boost their business. Also, this year Facebook added new tools: Aprende con Facebook and Grupos de Empleo.

Boosts with Facebook

Impulsa con Facebook offers digital marketing courses for a full day. In the first event, more than 400 entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises participated.

Ana Bárbara Mungaray, General Coordinator of the Program for the Financing of Microentrepreneurs and Rural Women, stressed that “Impulsa con Facebook is a clear demonstration of how the alignment of wills, between industry and society, can create environments for shared development and promote emergence of conditions that positively impact economic growth and the welfare of society. “

Two new Facebook’s digital tools

Aprende con Facebook is a platform with free courses, created by the Tec de Monterrey and Dev.f, focused on professional development. This platform has been designed so that young people can develop their digital skills. According to a Morning Consult survey, 76% of SMEs in Mexico believe that digital skills are more important when hiring a new employee. With this platform, Mexican talents will have an extra resource to stay updated.

Grupos de Empleo seeks to improve the experience of those looking for work on Facebook, to be able to publish vacancies in a more structured way and apply more smoothly. In Mexico, 70% of people who seek employment do so online.

dev.f said that Aprende con Facebook offers a wide range of free courses for young people.