Sergio Furio

Sergio Furio is the founder and CEO of Creditas, a Brazilian fintech lender.

Sergio Furio: Education

• 2000, Cornell University, M.B.A. Business

Sergio Furio: Early days

Sergio Furio began his career working with banks and consulting firms focused on the digital transformation of financial services. He started in Europe at the investment bank Deutsche Bank. Later he moved to New York to work with the Boston Consulting Group, where he specialized in advising the leading banks to improve their growth strategies and the experience of their clients.

At a dinner with her Brazilian partner, she commented on the high-interest rates on loans in Brazil. Furio was surprised and saw an opportunity area. With his professional experience, he brought to Brazil an innovative model: an integrated and online portal to help banking clients.

Sergio Furio: Career

Sergio Furio resigned from his job with the world’s leading banks and consultants to move to Brazil without speaking Portuguese. In 2012, he founded BankFacil, a company that would later become Creditas.

Creditas’ success has been since it offers interest up to 50% lower than the competition. Sergio Furio incorporated an innovative credit rating system in Brazil. As a guarantee of payment, Creditas receives assets from cars and homes of the borrowers. Creditas loans are financed with capital contributed by investors and with associations with traditional financial institutions. Currently, Furio manages a team of 500 people in Sao Paulo.

The success of the business model developed by Furio can be checked in the numbers. Creditas has grown to triple digits in recent years. In venture capital, it has raised $ 63.4 million and has delivered $ 500 million in loans.

Sergio Furio: Distinctions

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Sergio Furio: Other facts

Since 2017, Sergio Furio is an Endeavor entrepreneur, a group of high-impact entrepreneurs capable of triggering economic growth.

Currently, Creditas works with a partnership model with banks to manage loans. However, they are working closely with the Central Bank of Brazil to manage the loans directly.

Sergio Furio: Publications

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