Nubank, in search of Mexican talent

Nubank arrived in Mexico. They're planning to open a Development and Technology Center to attract the best programmers and designers.

Nubank, digital bank of Brazil, announced that they would start operations in Mexico. The company’s interest in the country is not only reduced by the financial sector opportunities, but also by Mexican talent.

David Vélez, CEO of Nubank, mentioned: “We have been impressed with the level of talent existing in Mexico, and we are anxious to make a significant investment in the Mexican technology ecosystem.”

The Brazilian bank plans to build a Development and Technology Center to boost the company beyond the local. “We have been quite impressed with the level of technical talent that exists in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, or other large cities and we are going to invest in this development center that will help us grow in other countries. Our goal is that in the coming months we will try to hire all the best programmers or designer we can find. If we find a hundred, we will hire a hundred. If we find 500 we will hire 500, we have come quite aggressive to carry out this development center, “said Vélez.

The confidence of Nubank’s management team in Mexican talent responds to the country’s tendency to become a pole of attraction for startups. In addition to Mexico City, other Mexican cities such as Guadalajara have become a talent pool where tech companies of all sizes have decided to establish operations, from big players such as IBM to small or medium-sized companies such as Blue Trail Software.

A bank with a diverse team

Diversity is an essential component for Nubank. The company already has 1,500 employees of different nationalities and cultures. Vélez said “We are an international company, we are three founders, one Colombian, one Brazilian and one American, we have 25 nationalities already working in Sao Paulo. We have French, Americans, people from India, Dutch, we are a plural company with many immigrants from all over the world ».

Vélez considers the plurality of their work plant as a feature that distinguishes them from other banks. “It is something that is not seen much in the financial sector; we are a company quite different from what is seen in large banks that are very homogeneous.”

Latin American fintech companies use to be more diverse than in other regions of the world. Nubank’s CEO affirmed that almost half of their talent are women and 30% are LGBT people.