Digital Bank LatAm arrives in Colombia

Digital Bank Latam, a financial innovation event in Latin America, arrives in Bogota on May 28.

Digital Bank LatAm today represents a space in Latin America for financial startups to strengthen and collaborate. It will arrive in Colombia on May 28 in the city of Bogota.

The event seeks to promote digital transformation in banking in Latin America. In the last six years, Digital Bank Latam has become a benchmark for financial innovation in the region.

Entrepreneurs and the general public will have the opportunity to listen to exhibitors from banks, financial services companies, startups and fintech about digital transformation in financial services, banking innovation processes and technological solutions at the service of end users.

Digital Bank arrives in Bogota

Internet transactions break a record in Colombia

In 2018, transactions carried out by digital means surpassed banking operations for the first time in Colombia. According to data from the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, there were 6,3B transactions, half of these through the Internet.

These data confirm the promising future of fintech companies, which have experienced accelerated growth in Latin American countries such as Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

Digital Bank Bogotá seeks for the attending public to know the challenges and opportunities offered by the financial market in the areas of digital banking and financial services. In the event, 18 fintech startups in Latin America will present the solutions they offer with new technologies. The attendees will choose a winner.

Fintech: from competition to allies

According to Patricio Silva, CEO of Digital Bank Latam, “at present, several financial institutions are not seeing the fintech ventures as competition, now they are opening doors for them to be part of their digital transformation processes. Colombia has experienced in recent years a process in which more and more banks are putting the client at the center “.

Digital Bank Latam seeks to open spaces for banks, the financial world, and fintech to connect through digital ecosystems and demonstrate how these ecosystems are transforming business models in Latin America and the world.

Finally, on Wednesday, May 29, the second version of Digital Insurance Bogota will be held, which will bring together the leaders of the leading companies in the insurance sector, in which leading technology companies and a group of entrepreneurs will offer different solutions for this sector.