Andrés Sarrazola

Andrés Sarrazola is CEO of Ayenda Rooms, a hotels chain in Colombia based on a startup.

Andrés Sarrazola: Education

• Pontifical Bolivarian University, Computer Engineering

Andrés Sarrazola: Early days

Andrés Sarrazola studied computer engineering at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana but did not complete the degree. The experience as an entrepreneur of Sarrazola goes from the EdTech to digital marketing. He is a serial entrepreneur. To date, he has founded five startups: Brustolino, Alecciónate, Interlat Group, Nuclear, and Ayenda.

Nuclear was a digital marketing agency where its main clients were hotels. In this startup, Andrés Sarrazola obtained the necessary experience to understand the needs of the sector, especially of small and medium enterprises. With this in mind, Sarrazola sold Nuclear and started with Ayenda.

Andrés Sarrazola: Career

Ayenda started as an administrative software company so that hotels could control their business, from check in or check out to customer consumption. Soon, Andrés Sarrazola realized that the problem of the hotels was not the administration, but the sales. It was difficult for small and medium-sized hotels to have a high occupation.

Although the software that Ayenda offered was not a high cost, for most hoteliers it seemed too expensive, although they were spending more to advertise on platforms like Then Sarrazola decided to pivot his venture and turn Ayenda into a brand that became a seal of guarantee for all those small hotels.

The current goal of Ayenda is to win the Colombian market, and then look for another, more attractive market. The regional nature of the startup works as a laboratory to subsequently gain momentum and extend to other regions.

Andrés Sarrazola: Distinctions

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Andrés Sarrazola: Other facts

Ayenda Rooms has attracted the attention of Softbank and recently received an investment of $1.2 million, with which they will seek to grow up to 300%.

Andrés Sarrazola: Publications

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