Illuminate Awards 2019 prizes Latin America

In the delivery of the Illuminate Awards 2019 held in New York, Latin American entrepreneurs and investors received recognition for promoting nearshoring.

In the city of New York, the Illuminate Awards 2019 were given, which recognize the work done by executives, companies, and countries that have supported nearshoring, reported Nearshore Americas. The award was part of the activities of Nexus 2019.

Colombia emerged triumphant at the Illuminate Awards 2019. The city of Medellín received the recognition of the Nearshore City of the Year, while Simón Borrero, Felipe Villamarin, and Sebastian Mejía, founders of Rappi, won recognition as Nearshore Entrepreneurs of the Year.

The award for Medellin and the Rappi entrepreneurs reflect how Colombia’s popularity increases as a destination for nearshoring. In addition to Bogota, Colombian secondary cities such as Medellín receive investments thanks to government incentives, a large talent pool, the country’s proximity to US schedules and political stability and tranquility.

Other Latin Americans recognized in the event were the Argentinean Agustina Fainguersch and the Uruguayan Antonio Carambula. Carambula is in charge of Uruguay XXI, a government agency to promote investments and received the Nearshore Investment Professional of the Year award. Fainguersch is CEO of Wolox and was honored as Nearshore Executive of the Year.

In the award, IBEX was also recognized as Nearshore Company of the Year. This company has recently expanded to the markets of Jamaica and Nicaragua, as well as the United States and the Philippines. Tata received recognition as pioneers of the year.