Hot Sale promotes e-commerce in Mexico

In the Hot Sale, from May 27 to 31, the e-retailers present the best online offers to promote the digital ecosystem.

The Hot Sale 2019 begins in Mexico, an event that seeks to promote the digital ecosystem in this country. From May 27 to 31, e-Commerce will present their best promotions so that more people become familiar with online purchases.

Since 2013, online shoppers or e-Shoppers have grown at a rate of 7.22% per year in Mexico. The e-Shoppers represent 31% of the population with Internet connection in the country, where penetration to the Internet already reached 71% of Mexicans.

Thanks to the improvements in connectivity in the country, the increase in financial inclusion and digital literacy, e-commerce in Mexico will continue to grow. This trend has been observed by multichannel stores, whose online sales have increased by 25% more than other channels.

Hot Sale increases sales, awareness, and traffic

According to data from the Results Survey HS18-Nielsen, in 2018, the Hot Sale offers produced: $ 449M in sales, a growth of 75% compared to 2017; 11.6M units sold of products or services, 93% more than HS 2017; 6.1 million orders online, 52% more than in 2017. Of these sales, 2.1M were made by new buyers. The Google Consumer Survey HS18 survey indicates that for 53% of buyers, it was the first time they bought during the Hot Sale. Of these, 13% was the first time they purchased online.

In addition to benefiting from increased sales during the Hot Sale, e-retailers gain awareness and traffic on their sites. 53% of Mexicans already know the event, of which 70% are in the age group of 18 to 35 years, according to Google Consumer Survey HS18. The sponsors of the Hot Sale managed to increase their traffic 2.2 times more than in 2012, with a total of 160M visits to their sites, according to HS18 – Google Analytics.

Hot Sale 2019: forecasts

For this year, data from MercadoLibre estimated that consumers would spend an average of four thousand five hundred pesos, being the category of clothes and accessories the best sold, followed by electronics and more users will buy online from their smartphone.

Also, the trends of past years pointed to the ratio of male and female buyers would be matched in 2019. In 2017 65% of the buyers were men, while last year the proportion was reduced to 55% men compared to 45% women.

This year, e-retailers expects $580M in sales.

The way of buying and selling has changed more in the last two years than in the two previous decades.

Pierre-Claude Blaise, CEO of the Mexican Association of Online Sales
Pierre-Claude Blaise talks about Hot Sale (in Spanish)