Costa Rica opens a Virtual Reality park, first in LatAm

The first entertainment center based on Virtual Reality in LatAm is Ctrl V, a Canadian franchise in the process of expansion.

In Costa Rica, Ctrl V inaugurated the first virtual reality amusement park on the continent, offering a low-cost entertainment alternative for Costa Ricans.

Ctrol V has 2 locations in the United States and 14 locations in Canada, where there are their headquarters.

Rafael Quesada along with Allan Rivera and Víctor Oreamuno brought the Ctrol V franchise to Costa Rica. The virtual park is like an “arcade”, but focused on this technology at the moment of expansion and development. The entrepreneurs decided to start the business after working in a multinational.

Víctor and Allan toured the United States in search of a business idea that did not exist in Costa Rica, and discovered Ctrol V. After discovering that the franchise’s parent company is in Canada, they decided to try it out.

The recreation center currently has 12 stations where 28 games are rented. “People, once they enter the system, can jump from game to game according to what they want.” One hour costs $ 20.

In 2016, VR developers solved one of the main obstacles to the mass commercialization of this sector: dizziness. Since then, technology has grown significantly.

The franchise in Costa Rica offers discounts for large groups of people. “We have games so that the groups play among them,” he said. They also have spaces to organize parties or private activities before or after using the devices.

The zombie games are currently the most popular in this recreational center. The “arcade” also offers options for children from 6 years old, while there are other games focused on people looking for more peace and tranquility.The controls are ergonomic and with few buttons, thus allowing the learning curve to be shorter.