Huawei will create a Datacenter in Chile

La compañía china ofrecerá su servicio Cloud en Sudamérica y han escogido a Chile para sus operaciones.

Huawei will open in Chile the first data center in the region, where it will offer its Cloud service, which they already offer in other parts of the world.

The Chinese company evaluated from a long time ago to install a Datacenter in South America. Recently, Chile was confirmed as the country that would house the Huawei infrastructure. Other options for the company were Argentina and Brazil.

Huawei Chile general manager Dou Yong commented on the company’s decision in an interview for El Pulso. The company will give the official announcement in early July.

Huawei has been through a difficult time due to US sanctions against the company, preventing US companies from doing business with the Chinese technological giant. This situation has led to a sharp drop in sales of Huawei, which was emerging to become this year as the leading seller of mobile phones in the world.

US attacks have forced the company to contract. Huawei has recently announced that it will sell its submarine cable business, in addition to reducing the production of smartphones.

In this scenario, the decision to deploy a data center in South America speaks of the opportunities that the region offers in cloud-based services. A few months ago, Oracle mentioned the rapid adoption of technology in the region, while Amazon plans to participate in the Data Observatory in Chile.