Matias Muchnick

Matías Muchnik is the founder and CEO of The Not Company, a company that has innovated in food.

Matias Muchnick: Education

• 2015, University of California, Berkeley, Method of Entrepreneurship
• 2012, Universidad de Chile, Master of Science
• 2011, Universidad de Chile, Bachelor of Business Administration

Matias Muchnick: Early days

Matías Muchnick began to undertake in the food industry with Eggless Company. This experience allowed him to realize how inefficient this industry was. With this in mind, he went to Berkeley to better investigate the industry.

In Berkeley, Matías approached the biochemistry department to understand both data and science. Muchnick noted that the pharmaceutical industry had better processes than the food industry. He took this knowledge and explored how it could be applied in the food industry.

Matias Muchnick: Career

With the idea of creating a more efficient food company, Matías Muchnick went to Harvard, where he recruited the astrophysicist Karim Pichara. Pichara was using data science and machine learning to investigate the stars. At the University of California, Matías added Pablo Zamora to the team, who researched genomic plants.

This work team created Guisseppe, a software that elaborates food formulas based on vegetable ingredients, imitating both the flavor and texture of the original foods. The products have been successful in Chile, Brazil, and Colombia.

The founders decided to establish The Not Company in Chile, where they have access to a large talent pool, reduce costs and are attractive to Silicon Valley investors for being “the exotic guys.”

Matias Muchnick: Distinctions

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Matias Muchnick: Other facts

The first vegan company created by Matías Muchnick managed to sell in more than 1200 stores in Chile, Peru, and Argentina. The government of Chile has recognized him as one of the ten most influential young leaders. One of the most prominent investors of The Not Company is Jeff Bezos.

Matias Muchnick: Publications

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