How does MercadoLibre solve its load balancing problem?

MercadoLibre solved its load balancing problem with an outsourcing service.
A10 and Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre is the most popular e-commerce in Latin America, with 130 million users and billions of images. When growing, the company had problems with load balancing (to be able to support millions of users without having issues in the connectivity). MercadoLibre found in A10 the solution to this problem.

Alberto Mino, leader of Networking and Infrastructure of MercadoLibre, highlights the speed and efficiency with which A10 developed its service, which was executed in two phases. In the implementation, A10 required to create specific features for MercadoLibre. Then, they improved the product. In that way, A10 solved the load balancing problem of MercadoLibre.