Chile and Ecuador will cooperate in Telecom

Governments of Chile and Ecuador sign cooperation agreement in telecommunications.

Chile and Ecuador signed a cooperation agreement in telecommunications based on three axes: massification of services; prevention and risk management through telecommunications networks, and deployment of information and communication technologies.

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile, together with the Ministry of Telecommunications and the Information Society of Ecuador, signed the agreement in Santiago de Chile last Friday and will last for three years renewable.

The treaty commits both Chile and Ecuador to support and exchange knowledge on the subject of release and allocation of frequencies for mobile services with state-of-the-art technology; telecommunications and broadband access; technical regulation and regulation for the release of frequencies, models for assigning new frequency bands for mobile services; models of expansion of telecommunications services in priority areas; use of technologies for the prevention and management of risks, with emphasis on early warning systems; roles and responsibilities of the actors in the field of telecommunications in case of states of exception due to causes of national emergency; regulation for spectrum access and use in case of disaster; responsible use of ICT, aimed at providing and guaranteeing the proper use of telecommunications networks and services; development of the digital economy and emerging technologies; and development of digitization in priority sectors.

“The signing of this agreement is excellent news. So that we can address the different challenges that the digital world that we face today, where telecommunications users demand more and better services every day, it is fundamental to exchange experiences with other markets, “said the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile. Gloria Hutt.

For its part, the Undersecretary of Telecommunications of Chile, Pamela Gidi said that “this agreement is very important, because the Ministry of Telecommunications and the Information Society of Ecuador, who presented on May 17 an initiative called ‘Ecuador Digital ‘, recognizes that Chile is a regional leader in telecommunications, which is represented by the’ Digital Matrix ‘plan, a project announced by President Piñera last week that contains the necessary actions for the challenges imposed by the new it was technological and for which Chile must be prepared. “

In turn, the Minister of Telecommunications and the Information Society of Ecuador, Andrés Michelena, said that “telecommunications in Chile are a model for us of experiences learned. We have even agreed to see some possibilities of alliances in terms of regional integration, where both countries would be involved. “

The Government of Ecuador showed interest in adding demand in the future construction of the submarine cable “Puerta Digital Asia-South America,” project where its participation will be explored through a point of derivation towards the Galapagos Islands.