Gustavo Caetano

Gustavo Caetano is founder and CEO of Samba Tech.

Gustavo Caetano: Education

• 2004, Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing

Gustavo Caetano: Early days

Gustavo Caetano is originally from a small city in Brazil. He founded his company, Samba Tech, when he was still a student. This company started as a distributor of games for mobile devices, tired of the lack of offer in Brazil of video games. However, the company had a problem: the technology they used was external, and they did not have their developments.

Gustavo Caetano: Career

Given the limitations that Samba had in mobile games, Gustavo Caetano decided to change the company’s turn towards a new and increasingly popular market: streaming online.

To differentiate itself from YouTube, Samba Tech developed a white label platform that could be used by communication groups and companies that could not or did not want to use Google’s video channel. Now, thanks to the solution devised by Caetano, these companies can transmit their videos through the Internet, connected TVs, and mobile devices.

In 2011, Samba Tech introduced two new products that became independent companies: AdStream Samba and Samba Ads. Samba Tech is now a multinational company in Latin America that works with universities in e-learning and with companies that broadcast popular events such as the World Cup.

Gustavo Caetano: Distinctions

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Gustavo Caetano: Other facts

Samba already has offices in the United States, but for Caetano, it is crucial to stay connected with the Brazilian roots of the company. The startup has managed to benefit from a partnership with Microsoft that allows the company to run the video more efficiently.

Gustavo Caetano: Publications

• Pense simples: Você só precisa dar o primeiro passo para ter um negócio ágil e inovador, Editora Gente, 2017 (ASIN B06X9YV8RG)

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