Registrations for 100K LATAM are opened

Argentina will host the second edition of 100K LatAm, a contest that will give $ 100,000 in prizes.

From June 10 to August 1, entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean will be able to register their startups in the 100K LatAm contest, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The objective of this competition is to promote the development of startups with the capacity to generate impact in the region. The Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA) is the organizers of the event, with the support of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Sloan Latin America Office.

The contest has three different categories depending on the maturity of the venture: Pitch, Accelerate, and Launch. Specialists in the industry and entrepreneurs will evaluate the projects, making sure that the startups are based on technology and enrolled in the knowledge economy.

The Institutional Director General of ITBA Nicolás Bacqué stressed that “Last year we had the participation of more than 1700 entrepreneurs from 19 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean who presented 831 startups to the contest. The entrepreneurial talent that exists in the region is surprising, and it is necessary to continue strengthening the ecosystem so that more startups take flight and generate value in our countries. That is the main objective of 100K Latam. “

Lee Ullmann, Director of the Latin America office of the MIT Sloan School of Management, said: “This initiative seeks to generate solutions that contribute to the different areas of society to improve the quality of life of people and at the same time empower entrepreneurs the region. The partnership between two institutions such as MIT and ITBA is nothing more than a reflection of mutual collaboration, to achieve the development of more and better startups in the Latin American and Caribbean region. “

The selection of finalists will be defined on September 1, while the final will take place on November 5 at ITBA’s Technological District Headquarters.

100K LatAm Categories

  • Pitch: The objective is to support ideas or undertakings in the initial phase of development. 1st prize: $ 5,000 Other Finalists: $ 1,000 (each).
  • Accelerate: The objective is to support ideas or ventures in the development phase or first sales. 1st prize: $ 20,000 Other Finalists: $ 2,000 (each).
  • Launch: It seeks to promote ventures with a greater degree of development. 1st prize: US $ 55,000 Other finalists: $ 5,000 (each).