RappiPay: a debit card by Rappi and Visa

RappiPay is a rechargeable debit card with contactless payment technology.

To advance towards financial inclusion and seek to reduce the use of cash in Mexico, the company dedicated to the delivery of products, Rappi, reported that in partnership with Visa launched a new debit card called RappiPay Visa.

The product has universal validity and aims to reach users who do not have a bank account with a zero commission.

Order a debit card by Rappi

The plastic is issued by Accendo Banco and is processed directly in the application and is delivered in a range of 45 minutes at the requested address. It is activated when scanning an official identification and with a selfie (which will serve as facial recognition).

When activated, it is rechargeable through electronic transfers from other bank accounts. It will be accepted in any establishment that admits a visa and can also be used through QR codes.

The objective of Visa is to make all payments secure and straightforward, regardless of the device used to pay, whether it is a portable device, telephone, or any device connected to the Internet.

The Colombian startup Rappi recently achieved unicorn status and received a billion-dollar investment from Softbank, a Japanese conglomerate that has also invested in Uber and Didi.

Rappi mentioned its will to change banking in the region months before. The innovation in the methods of payment in Latin America allows increasing the financial inclusion in the region and, in this way, to expand the potential market for startups and e-commerce.