Tec21 connects students with real challenges

The Tec de Monterrey initiative had worked as a pilot program since 2013 and will now be available on all campuses.

The director of Educational Innovation of the Technological Institute of Monterrey (ITESM) Beatriz Palacios announced that all the campus of the institution would implement the Tec21 program, according to Nearshore Americas.

The Tec21 initiative began as a pilot program in 2013. This program incorporates a new teaching model through vocational training. The curriculum of this has been done in partnership with local technology companies so that the school functions as a hotbed of talent.

Beatriz Palacios said that “while we teach technological know-how and its applications, we also aim to improve professional practices through industrial use by ourselves. To achieve this, we have had to associate with companies that are at the forefront of innovation. “

Tec de Monterrey has partnered with 15 companies that function as “laboratories” for students who can have vocational training as part of their courses as of August of this year. IBM, HP, and T-Systems are some of these companies.

The program will allow students to leave the classroom to face the challenges that companies have to solve every day. In this way, students develop real solutions.

Palacios also commented that the Tec21 program allows companies to become educational partners as if they were additional teachers.

“Students will be able to develop their skills, while companies offer experience in the use of technology by showing them the processes to develop their products.”