Hackathon in Creative Digital City of Guadalajara

The hackathon aims to reactivate the downtown of the city while promoting innovation.

On June 28 and 29 Talent Network will organize a hackathon in the Creative Digital City, in the downtown area of Guadalajara.

The hackathon aims to reactivate the downtown of the city while promoting innovation and retaking the facilities of the abandoned Creative City.

In April, the government of Jalisco announced in the Talent Land that it would continue the Digital Creative City project, which began at the end of Felipe Calderón’s administration (2012) to turn Guadalajara into a global tech-hub.

The Creative Digital City, located around the Morelos Park, sought to recover an area where poverty and prostitution increase to become a center where creative agencies were in contact with the digital industry to promote cooperation, networking, and innovation.

Currently, the complex is far from meeting this expectation. The Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology of Jalisco, Alfonso Pompa Padilla, previously commented to El Informador that the Digital Creative City does not have finished buildings and does not have the ideal structure to function as planned.

The government of Enrique Alfaro undertook to correct the mistakes of the project and revive it. This hackathon is the first step to achieve this goal and will be the first of two more to be carried out in August and September.

Coding to improve mobility and turism in Guadalajara

On this occasion, there will be two tracks for the hackathon: mobility and tourism.

The transport of Jalisco has been a pending problem for several administrations. In 2012, the government did not know how many transportation routes existed in the state. The government of Aristóteles Sandoval made commitments to improve the service with the incorporation of new units and automatic payments, but for some specialists such as the researcher of the Research Center for Environment and Territorial Planning of UdeG, Adriana Olivares González, the government threw the towel.

On the “Mi Movilidad” (My Mobility) track, participants should look for solutions to improve city traffic and the safety of transportation.

In terms of tourism, Guadalajara has been left behind in part due to the lack of a broad cultural offer and remodeling works in areas such as the Paseo Alcalde.

In the track “Revive el corazón de la Ciudad” (Relive the heart of the city), the participants will create applications to promote the cultural and tourist offers of the center of Guadalajara to reactivate tourism in the area.

The hackathon expects the participation of more than 500 young people who will form teams of two to five people. Each side will have the mentoring of specialists and officials from each branch. For each track, the prize will be 25 thousand pesos. The registration to the event is from the Talent Network page.