Google showed tools for education in Philadelphia

Google presented applications and integrations developed to improve learning and make it more accessible for students.

Google is present at the event of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), which takes place in Philadelphia, USA.

ISTE is a global community of educators who believe in the power of technology to transform learning. The event in Philadelphia is the largest in this organization. Thousands of educators will gather in the North American city to share their experiences in the use of technology to improve education.

In this event, Google presented applications and integrations developed to improve learning and make it more accessible for students. These tools seek to improve diverse student skills, in addition to meeting special needs, according to Rachel Cai, director of the Google for Education business development program.

The tools presented by Google are available in G Suite and the Chromebook. Each app has been improved thanks to the feedback of the students and teachers who use them. Among the objectives of these applications is to make learning more inclusive, according to Rachel Cai.

  • Capti Voice: This app was designed for students with vision loss, dyslexia, ADD, or motor problems. This application reads books and web pages to students, in addition to translating passages and words from more than 100 languages.
  • Crick Software: One of the first applications of augmented and alternative communication. Crick software helps students who have speech or writing problems with fragments of words that help them create sentences.
  • Scanning pens: A scan pen called ReaderPen reads aloud to students who need extra reading support. Students scan directly to a Google Doc, in addition to uploading the audios to a Chromebook or Android.

“We are also working on an app focused on cultivating a personalized learning environment, improving organization and optimizing tasks,” said Rachel Chai, introducing some partners that expand the functions of G Suite, Google Classroom and Chromebook, features on the Chromebook. Hub App

  • Seesaw: It is an application with creative tools optimized for students with Chromebooks. Students can select files, write them down and cure them, and share them with teachers so that they can verify their learning.
  • Backpack for Google Drive by Amplified Labs: Students can heal and save digital materials for learning.
  • Kahoot! allows you to create, share, and play educational games or riddles in minutes. One of the attractive features of Kahoot! is the ease of registering and joining Google Classroom, so that teachers can easily share challenges with their students.

These tools are part of the Google for Education Technology Partner Program. This program gives developers access to technical support, marketing, and branding, as well as being able to participate in Google initiatives such as credits for cloud services for start-up or scholarships for developers.

For developers who have a product that can be integrated into Google for Education, you can see the options that the program has, while people searching for applications to improve the classroom experience can join the App Hub community.