Nureshka Viranna

Nureshka Viranna is the co-founder of the e-commerce company ShopLi.

Nureshka Viranna: Education

• 2013, Embury Institute for Teacher Education, Bachelor of Education (BEd), Elementary Education and Teaching

Nureshka Viranna: Early days

Nureshka Viranna was born in Durban, South Africa, into a family of academics. She worked as a school teacher and did not have any background on entrepreneurship. Although Viranna enjoyed working with children, she felt quite dissatisfied in her work as a teacher and knew that she had to do something to change that situation. Her father introduced her to a serial entrepreneur who inspired her to do something that she loved. Viranna was passionate about technology, and the entrepreneur had an idea to help people sell online. Viranna did not know that the technology sector and e-commerce were much more extensive than she could have imagined, but the excitement of being her own boss, the desire to learn more about technology and having the support of a partner helped her to take the first step to found her startup.

Nureshka Viranna: Career

At the end of 2015, Nureshka Viranna founded ShopLi, a tool that provides an e-commerce solution for business owners. The goal of ShopLi is to help grow the business by making the adoption of e-commerce easier so that in this way, entrepreneurs focus on what they know how to do better.

ShopLi helps its clients to design and develop attractive and mobile-friendly online stores. In this way, merchants are not limited to one location and can sell anything at any time. The tool developed by Viranna makes it easier to introduce yourself to e-commerce, which makes it ideal for beginners and experts alike.

The Nureshka Viranna team is made up of six people who are in charge of different areas of the business and who share the vision of helping people sell online at a lower cost.

Nureshka Viranna also founded Lit Academy in 2019, a platform with online courses based on videos and study guides to help students record their progress. This idea arose after a friend of Viranna asked for help for his son who had difficulty in learning Afrikaans, and Viranna realized that there were no online materials to support him.

Nureshka Viranna: Distinctions

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Nureshka Viranna: Other facts

Forbes chose Viranna as one of the entrepreneurs on the list of 30 Under 30 Africa, in the technology category. Viranna currently plans to scale its business from Durban to South Africa.

Nureshka Viranna: Publications

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