Google offers certificate in IT Support in Spanish

Google designed this program to prepare students for works related to IT, without the need for experience or a degree in the field.

By 2024, companies in Mexico will have a demand for more than one million professionals specialized in Information Technology. To meet these needs, Google will launch a certificate in IT Support from September 16 from the Coursera online education platform.

Google designed this program to prepare students for works related to IT, without the need for experience or a degree in the field. The entire course will be online, and students will be able to advance at their own pace. Google developed the educational materials of the course, consisting of videos and practical laboratories.

How is this course?

The course is available in Spanish and includes activities in virtual laboratories to develop skills. In the end, participants will receive a certificate with curricular value and that they can share with employers in Mexico.

Students will learn the fundamentals of IT to obtain the certificate. The program includes issues such as problem-solving, customer service, networks, operating systems, systems administration, and security.

According to Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, today many people want to acquire new skills because “they recognize that their jobs will disappear and while they look for new jobs they must learn new things.”

In previous years, Coursera and Google taught this course, but only in English and with the association of American companies. Now, this course will be available in Spanish and with the recognition of Mexican companies such as Grupo Modelo, Luuna, and Clip.

Scholarships to study online

Google will also offer 1,000 scholarships for young students interested in the course, which it will offer in Mexico City and the metropolitan area with the support of the International Youth Foundation.

 The course will cost $ 39 a month, a set price so that all Mexicans have access to it. Also, those interested in the program who register before the start date (September 16) will receive a free month. The course program is planned to be completed in eight months.

A paradigm shift in education

Maggioncalda mentioned in Expansión that currently, several organizations choose to hire people who, without a university degree, have the specific skills needed to complete a task.

For this reason, the CEO of Coursera considered that this would be a trend in the future due to the high cost of studying a career.

“Today, universities have more valid credentials in the labor market. But many people are stopping studying for the high price of paying for a university,” he said. “Courses like this one allow you to learn specific skills and get jobs. Towards the future, universities will reinvent their methods so that you learn what you want in a certain time and not everything in four years, as today usually happens,” he said.