New CEO of Brazilian Digital Movements will promote blockchain

Camargo highlighted the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize several areas in Brazil.

Thiago Camargo, a lawyer holding a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Columbia University in New York, will be the new CEO of the Brazilian Digital Movement (MBD).

MBD is a movement created in 2017 to promote dialogue between the public and private sectors and present proposals that bring technology and innovation to the center of Brazil’s development strategy.

In Brazil, MDB brings together the leading players in the telecommunications and innovation market and brings together companies such as Google, Microsoft, ArcelorMittal, Accenture, Cielo, Banco Itaú, Cisco, Ernest Young, Embratel, Fiap, Gol , Rede Globo, Group. Sugar Loaf, Intel, Oracle, IBM, among others.

Blockchain technology can revolutionize Brasil

In taking charge of the MDB, Camargo highlighted the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize several areas in Brazil, including a notarial network responsible for certifying the integrity of documents.

“Blockchain technology is destined to be a revolution in the way we handle the truth. In a trendy country like Brazil, we must look for options to reduce the registration of information and be immune to the possibility of fraud.”

Fraud prevention through blockchain has been one of the most talked-about uses for this technology. In Argentina, companies like Signatura offer services to sign operations with blockchain, taking advantage of its features like being distributed and immutable.

In the new position, Camargo highlighted: “We will support the government in the construction of public policies, generating information based on benchmarks with other countries, as well as in the analysis of digital infrastructure and the regulatory environment, proposing more discussions and joining forces in the public and private sectors so that Brazil can take a leap of competitiveness in the short term. “

Adelson de Souza, president of the MBD Council, also celebrated Camargo’s new position: “We are confident that Thiago has the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with all initiatives of the Digital Brazil Movement.”