Become a Software Developer with Microverse

Microverse is an online school for remote software developers

Microverse is an online school for remote software developers. Students from around the world learn to program in pairs while receiving the support of mentors and reviewers. Microverse does not charge students anything until they get a remote job.

Students must have basic knowledge of a programming language and experience to solve algorithmic problems to be part of Microverse. However, students who do not have this knowledge can take a pre-course in Microverse to develop these skills.

Elizabeth Villalejos from Sonora, Mexico mentions that one of the advantages of Microverse is that it offers structured learning. Also, it highlights that anyone can be part of the course, regardless of whether they do not reside in the United States.

The digital transformation has made software development one of the careers with the highest demand today. While more and more professionals are required in this area, the supply of specialists has not grown at the same pace, so it becomes an attractive profession for many. The demand for software developers will grow 24% in the 2016-2026 period, a rate above the average of other occupations.

Ariel Camus founded Microverse in 2018. Since then, the company has received applications from 200 different countries, and current students from 40 different countries are enrolled.

After completing the full-time program, Microverse graduates increase their income two to eight times more.

Microverse offers support for students from Colombia and Mexico who attend the program. You can register here.