Montevideo will celebrate its eCommerce Day

Leading eCommerce entrepreneurs will share their experiences in the sector.

The Ecommerce Institute will hold the Ecommerce Day of Montevideo on Tuesday, August 13, 2019. In this event, Uruguayan entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to know first-hand the latest trends in electronic commerce.

Leading eCommerce entrepreneurs will share their experiences in the sector in multiple plenary sessions at the Radisson Victoria Hotel. The organizers have also prepared discussion panels with special guests to discuss new trends in e-commerce in Latin America and the world, in addition to sharing successful business cases.

The eCommerce Day Montevideo is part of the 2019 eCommerce Day Tour that is taking place this year in 17 countries of the continent: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

A strategic event for the digital economy of Uruguay

With just over 3.5 M inhabitants, Uruguay leads digital development in Latin America. According to the International Telecommunications Union, the country’s broadband service is the most accessible in the region compared to the Gross Domestic Product per capita of the population.

Despite the high connectivity of the citizens, e-commerce sales in Uruguay still do not reach their full potential.

For these reasons, the eCommerce Day Montevideo is a strategic event for the eCommerce Institute and the Chamber of Digital Economy of Uruguay (CEDU). These institutions promote the development of the digital industry in the country and the region.

“The eCommerce Day Montevideo is the meeting point of all the actors that make the Digital Economy in the country, IT providers, payment methods, logistics companies, financial operators, advertising and marketing agencies, commerce and industry,” commented Guillermo Varela, President of CEDU. Varela also mentioned that the event “is an excellent opportunity to listen to high-level international speakers and to draw on experiences from the region that help us understand how we are positioned concerning our neighboring countries.

For this year, the CEDU will present the first national study Trends in Digital Consumption. This study aims to help entrepreneurs and digital entrepreneurs make better decisions based on reliable information about the Uruguayan digital economy.

The eCommerce Day is the flagship event of the entire digital ecosystem

Guillermo Varela, President of CEDU

Consumers in Uruguay need a more professional sector

Marcos Pueyrredon, president of the eCommerce Institute, stressed the need to promote good practices in the sector. In that way, online consumers in Uruguay will have better shopping experiences and thus increasingly use digital channels.

Pueyrredon commented that “working on the professionalization of the offer is our focus for this Tour eCommerce Day 2019, so we invite you to participate in this event to continue building an increasingly robust digital ecosystem in the country.”

In the afternoon, the Ecommerce Day of Montevideo will have special activities for professionals who want to know strategies and tools to improve the conversion of online stores and attract more customers.

The day after the event, those interested can learn from within how the leading e-commerce companies in the region work in the Omnicommerce Experience. Those who want to participate can register here.

Awards for companies that have contributed to the digital ecosystem

On this day dedicated to e-commerce in Montevideo, companies, and entrepreneurs that have had an impact on the digital ecosystem will receive recognition during the delivery of the Ecommerce Awards. These awards are the most important in digital businesses in Uruguay. Also, to promote and enhance digital entrepreneurship, the Ecommerce Startup Competition will be held.