is expanding in Chile

SeSocio is an Argentine startup that allows users to finance projects, products.

Chile is a pioneer of Crowdfunding in Latin America, with projects such as Fondeadora that have allowed people to obtain resources for prototyping or simply to support humanitarian causes. Therefore, Chile is the right place for the expansion of investment platforms such as

SeSocio is an Argentine startup that allows users to finance projects, products or services and receive benefits for their investments. The platform does not have a minimum investment, allowing anyone to participate.

Democratizing investments

The Argentine investment platform takes advantage of technological tools to boost collaboration and shared information. 

The CEO and founder of Guido Quaranta highlights diversification as one of the main advantages of crowdfunding at the time of investing. The users of the platform can invest their money in different projects with small amounts. This feature of crowdfunding has another advantage: more people can support the financing of productive projects. Thus, investments are no longer a characteristic of the richest. 

We come to democratize investments


Quaranta gives as examples the project of the purchase of trucks in the United States and helps a startup in Chile to market its application. SeSocio allows users to participate in both projects with five dollars. Users can invest from one dollar in projects published on the online platform.

This feature makes the Argentine startup rate its business model as “innovative, disruptive and inclusive as it seeks to democratize investments allowing any user to invest in the project of their choice regardless of how minimal their investment is.”

Crowdfunding contracted in Chile

According to Finnovista’s most recent report on Fintech in Chile, Crowdfunding contracted last year. Therefore, is it a good time for expansion in the country?

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, uses the financing format called crowd investments. This form of crowdfunding allows small projects to obtain financing by offering the investor profitability and surplus-value by participating in the capital of the company they are financing.