Argentine startup told their experience in Google Launchpad Accelerator

Herolens is an Argentine startup which participated in the Google Launchpad Accelerator Program.

Herolens is an Argentine digital advertising company that “automates” creativity. This startup allows companies to recover relevant data to improve their content.

According to Guido Kuznicki, “Herolens is a technology company that allows brands to be much more relevant with their digital communications.“

Herolens automates creative production, such as images, videos, animations. In this way, companies can show their content to the right person at the right time.

From virtual reality to automatic digital production

Kuznicki mentions that they initially planned the company in the industry of virtual reality. However, the company’s founding partners quickly realized that this was not a mature market, so they changed began to focus on digital creativity.

The founders created several prototypes, and they presented them to the leading brands in the region, who gave them feedback. One of these prototypes liked a customer, and in this way, they made their first sale. From then on, they were able to get more customers for this first product.

Herolens wants brands to communicate with users on a more meaningful level. Kuznicki believes that the way communication is established between companies and users is changing rapidly, and communication has become more one-on-one. For this reason, Herolens is now a key element in the communication revolution between brands and users.

How did Herolens start?

The beginning of the project was not easy. Entrepreneurs believe that it takes a lot of sacrifices to grow a project. Dedication is crucial to devote the time the project needs, in addition to considerable mental commitment. Therefore, Kuznicki believes that entrepreneurs need a tremendous mental commitment.

“It requires being mentally prepared. It requires being accompanied by your family and your friends. And the reality is that, at personal discretion, it has been an excellent adventure.”

Guido Kuznicki considers that the fastest learning he has had in his life, he has had in Herolens. The startup has demanded a lot of dedication, but at the same time, it has given great satisfaction when things go well.

As Google is a leader in the digital industry, the Herolens team was interested in participating in the Google Launchpad Accelerator acceleration program. In Latin America, Google organized this three-month program in Mexico City.

Kuznicki believes that Herolens technologies work “in synergy and direct conjunction with Google products and with many of Google’s tools.”

One more advantage that Kuznicki finds in the Google program is to know the owners of other companies part of the accelerator, in addition to having direct access with experts that can boost the company in its development.