Conecta Startup Brasil will select 100 entrepreneurs

Conecta Startup Brazil seeks to increase the density of entrepreneurs and startups in the country.

The Conecta Startup Brasil Program launched a call to select 100 entrepreneurial teams and new companies at an early stage. Entrepreneurs will receive support to develop their business through comprehensive training, with professional tutors in marketing, commercial connection, and networks. Approved projects can receive up to $ 50,000 in contributions.

Conecta Startup Brazil seeks to increase the density of entrepreneurs and startups in the country. The Program also aims to empower entrepreneurs and connect the different actors in the ecosystem. The initiative is the result of collective action between the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations, and Communications (MCTIC), the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI), Softex and the executing partner, the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development ( CNPq).

The Program promotes collaboration between companies, universities and development and research centers. For companies, Conecta Startup Brasil is an opportunity to participate in the innovation ecosystem, access new technologies, and develop innovative solutions that meet their needs. Universities and research and development centers benefit from interaction with the market and the ecosystem itself.

“There is a high demand from companies for innovative solutions and, with Conecta Startup Brazil, new companies will have the opportunity to develop these solutions. As a result, entrepreneurs expand their business base and are increasingly preparing for market challenges. For companies, the Program is an opportunity to strengthen the culture of open innovation and participate in the innovation ecosystem, “said Paulo Alvim, Secretary of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at MCTIC.

Investors also benefit from the Program, as it offers stronger startups with solutions that meet market needs. The same is right for other industries, which now have innovative solutions thanks to a higher density of companies with an industrial profile.

In early August, Conecta Startup Brasil published a list of 50 companies from different sectors and industries selected to participate in the Program. The list includes, among other organizations, 3M, Apothecary, Natura, Vale, Enel, Usiminas, Burger King, Votorantim Cements, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Fiat and BASF.

The idea is that these organizations mobilize business teams through 237 real challenges assigned in different areas, such as Industry 4.0, Health, Education, Training, Communication, Construction, Energy, Retail and Digital Transformation.

“This call is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and new companies at an early stage to validate the proposed idea according to the real needs of the market, receiving follow-up and mentoring. It is also a bridge of connection with the main actors of the national innovation ecosystem,” said Diônes Lima, vice president of Softex.

To mobilize entrepreneurs from all regions and disseminate content on innovation and entrepreneurship, Conecta Startup Brasil is promoting a roadshow in all districts of the country. In the coming weeks, they will visit the cities of Manaus, Porto Velho, Roraima, Belem, Palmas and Rio Branco (north); Campo Grande, Goiania and Brasilia (Midwest); Recife, Natal, Salvador and Teresina (Northeast); Florianopolis, Porto Alegre, Curitiba (South); Belo Horizonte and São Paulo (southeast).

Entrepreneurs interested in preparing for the call can register and participate for free in the training program on the ODL platform of Conecta Startup Brazil, which includes, in addition to video lessons, complementary materials and evaluation exercises.

The next stage of Conecta Startup Brazil involves the mobilization of mentors, the registration of investors, and associated accelerators. Registration for entrepreneurial teams and new companies continues until September 27. The full info is available on the website.