These are the 10 startups participating in the Google Launchpad Accelerator LATAM

These newly created companies come from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, and the United States.

After a multi-week selection process involving more than 120 startups in Latin America, Google chose the ten companies to support in the winter edition of Launchpad Accelerator.

Launchpad Accelerator Manager for Latin America Francisco Solsona announced the names of these startups last Friday in the Google Developers blog. These newly created companies come from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, and the United States.

Diversity in market segments

The diversity of the ten selected companies not only resides in their country of origin. These startups belong to different market segments such as banking and finance, professional services (legal, insurance, accounting, human resources, marketing), hospitality, automotive / transportation, retail, electronic commerce, construction / real estate, among others.

The selected startups are: 

  • 123Seguro (Argentina): A digital insurance agent that offers a combination of insurance comparison, transparency, and advisory services. It is the leader of the Argentine market and is available in Chile and Colombia.
  • AI Turing (Colombia): Supervises the commercial strategy for PPC companies through AI models, and helps them strengthen their business strategies.
  • Apli (Mexico): A recruitment automation solution based on conversational AI. 
  • Casai (Mexico): Properties fully furnished and designed with the best services and operations for the client, is marketed through Airbnb.
  • DevF (Mexico): This EdTech Startup promotes inclusion and accessibility. They use agile education programs that develop digital + soft skills, and then connect these people with job opportunities in the technology sector and industry.
  • Hugo (El Salvador): Hugo is a technology, delivery, and transportation company based in El Salvador that operates in Central America and is rapidly expanding in LATAM.
  • Jetty (Mexico): Jetty is a private collective transport application with routes optimized to bring people from home to work and back. They offer an income and operations management platform and works to improve the travelers’ experience while they travel.
  • Jüsto (Mexico): This startup is a 100% digital supermarket. The company works to lead the transformation of the supermarket industry and give Mexican households access to higher quality products with time and money savings.
  • Odd Industries (Chile): This platform helps its clients obtain, decrypt, and distribute information. They create data using proprietary hardware, such as robotic cameras in situ, process images along with other data sources. They use machine learning algorithms to generate metrics that help make decisions in real-time.
  • TransparentBusiness (USA): Platform designed to help its clients increase the productivity of freelance collaborators, allow coordination and monitoring of the workforce and provide real-time information on the cost and status of all tasks and projects 

Launchpad Accelerator Winter Edition

The winter edition of the Launchpad Accelerator, a program focused on startups in the growth stage from throughout Latin America, will last three months. This acceleration program will take place from October to December 2019.

“The selected companies have passed a rigorous evaluation process of more than 120 startups throughout Latin America.”

Francisco Solsona, Manager of Launchpad Accelerator for Latin America

The ten startups will now have the opportunity to prioritize and solve problems of their companies and products. They will receive the support of dozens of mentors and speakers on business issues; marketing, branding and public relations; organizational culture, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Google Adds, Google Cloud and Android Play, among other technologies. Also, they will have the support of different Google teams, which will help them boost their growth, infrastructure, management, and leadership in a short and intense time. 

“The ten selected companies represent the best of the talent, ability, and willingness of Latin American companies to solve problems in the region,” said Solsona.

Entrepreneurs participating in the program will have the opportunity to learn from the best to scale their products, overcome technological challenges and establish a connection with entrepreneurial networks in the region and Silicon Valley, to consolidate the growing generation of innovators in Latin America. 

This initiative, developed in partnership with Centraal and TheVentureCity, responds to the need to consolidate a robust ecosystem of Latin American startups for the rest of the world. This task brings significant benefits for the community, such as the creation of new jobs, as well as a positive social and economic impact.

Hispanic entrepreneurs: from the United States to Argentina

“To carry out this program for all Spanish-speaking countries from Mexico to Argentina, including the Latino community in the United States and the Caribbean; It feels like a dream come true, because it gives us the opportunity to attract attention to the great work that Latin American entrepreneurs and developers are doing, ”said Francisco Solsona, manager of Google Developers in Latin America.

With the support of Google, these teams will have the opportunity to work with international experts, exchange experiences with local entrepreneurs, and recognize market opportunities over three months. They will have three weeks of face-to-face work, or bootcamps, to be held in Centraal Ciudad de Mexico, Google Argentina in the city of Buenos Aires and TheVentureCity campus in the city of Miami.  

At the end of the program, these startups will be part of the prestigious international alumni group of Google Launchpad Accelerator, where they will join other Latin American companies of global scale such as Quinto Andar, Telemedicine Portal, Creditas, Platzi, Konfio, Ualá, La Haus, Kichink, Compare Online, Cloud Store, and Miroculus, among others.