What Nearshoring Means for the Individual Worker?

Mike Barrett, CEO at Unosquare, delivers an alternative perspective on the impact of LATAM outsourcing. Barret said that business has promoted nearshoring for the wrong reasons.

For that reason, Barret talked about the human side of nearshoring and how the industry is improving the quality of life of Latin American workers.

Barret highlighted the importance of knowing their neighbors. When people know their neighbors, they care about them. Barret told the story of Gabriel, a Mexican Engineer that grew up in a low-income family, but he had the opportunity to improve their quality of life thanks to nearshoring companies.

A difference of Nearshoring with other investments in Latinamerica is that Nearshoring Companies can improve the quality of life of the countries where they work, without destroying the natural resources of the country. He also pointed out how the salaries offer by the industry are significative betters than the minimum wage and the national average wage.