Luciana Reznik

Luciana Reznik is an Argentine entrepreneur, founder, and executive of the technology company Wolox.

Luciana Reznik: Education

• Instituto Tecnológico Buenos Aires (ITBA), Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering

Luciana Reznik: Early days

Luciana Reznik studied Computer Engineering. She started working as a programmer, then formed the Processes and Quality area, and then led Innovation.

Luciana Reznik and her partners noted that in Buenos Aires, there were no cutting-edge technological solutions. For that reason, they accepted the challenge of bringing high impact technology to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in South America. In 2011, they founded Wolox as an ideal technological complement to innovation.

Luciana Reznik: Career

When Luciana was 28 years old, Wolox had already become an international company with a presence in Latin America and the United States. Luciana Reznik coordinates a multidisciplinary team of more than 300 professionals who design mobile resources and applications for companies that do not have a CTO (Director of Technology).

Wolox is a software store and accelerator that specializes in providing technological solutions for startups, entrepreneurs, and companies that are looking to innovate and need support to develop their ideas. As a first way to implement the method to build a product, the Wolox technology team guides customers in each process state. They help their customers to determine a market strategy and an optimal user experience, as well as precise technical operation to increase the chances of success.

The Argentine company is characterized by the implementation of agile technology methodologies, with customized solutions and QA (quality assurance). Among the products that Wolox helps deliver are native web and mobile applications, video games, virtual and augmented reality, Big Data, and the Internet of Things. Wolox is a pioneer company in IoT, and in this field, they have helped to bring up two innovative startups. One of them is Green Commuter, a fully electric vanpool supplier in California. Another example is Syrmo, an application designed for skaters to track their performance.

Luciana Reznik: Distinctions

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Luciana Reznik: Other facts

Reznik says that they work for companies that have understood that without innovation, there is no future. Currently, Wolox works primarily in four industries. One is fintech, which is generating an impact from the adoption of digital currencies such as bitcoin to the improvement of the user experience. Another sector is medicine, where there have still been problems to innovate because of the regulatory issue. Retail is also an area of expansion, wherein Latin America, it even does not reach 3% of trade. Finally, the logistics industry, where the blockchain has improved processes such as traceability.

A peculiarity of Wolox is that the position of CEO is rotating. The place and role of leadership are marked within aboard, but it is not an upright position where an individual makes decisions. The goal of the company is to maintain a collaborative leadership, based on people and the team.

Luciana Reznik participated in an initiative of the Argentine government to promote the Innovation Park in Silicon Valley, a project of the city council of Buenos Aires to boost Argentina’s technology industry.

One of Wolox’s missions is to create as much impact as possible, which is why they have created applications to teach children how to program, record 360 videos and projects for IoT.

Wolox has offices in Buenos Aires, Santiago, Chile, Medellin, Mexico City, New York, and San Francisco. The idea is to continue the expansion in Canada, Panama, and Mexico in 2019, venturing into production in Eastern Europe in 2020 and the Western European market.

Luciana Reznik: Publications

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