NetSuite announced innovations for Mexican Companies

SuiteSuccess is a set of cloud-based applications, whose primary mission is to offer Cloud Computing solutions for the industry.

Oracle’s cloud-based suite of applications, NetSuite, announced a series of innovations to boost business growth in Mexico. These innovations include cloud solutions designed especially for industry and financial management.

SuiteSuccess is the name of the toolset Oracle offers through NetSuite. The purpose of these applications is to boost the growth of Mexican businesses, helping them reduce costs and quickly and easily achieve the benefits offered by Cloud Computing. Among these tools, Oracle includes software for finance and enterprise resource planning, known as ERP.  

The Latin American Senior Direct for Oracle NetSuite, Gustavo Mousalli, highlighted in a press release the unique character of the Oracle product. The executive mentioned that “There is no” one-size-fits-all approach to a growing business since there are so many ways to run a business in the world. “

The director of NetSuite also highlighted the experience that the company has gained by working with more than 18 thousand organizations around the world in more than 203 countries and territories. This experience has allowed them to recognize patterns and incorporate that knowledge into their SuiteSuccess product. “The new SuiteSuccess solutions provide a growth plan that organizations operating in Mexico can take advantage of to unleash their potential,” said Mousalli.

What is SuiteSuccess?

SuiteSuccess is a set of cloud-based applications, whose primary mission is to offer Cloud Computing solutions for the industry. This application suite is preconfigured. This feature allows organizations to obtain the benefits of the cloud in just 45 days, according to the company’s specialist.

By making these solutions and add-ons available to the Mexican market, Oracle allows organizations in Mexico to take advantage of industry-leading practices, which combine in-depth knowledge of the domain with workflows, KPIs and preconstructed control panels, to achieve visibility, control, and agility needed to grow your business and unleash its potential. 

Know the new products of SuiteSuccess in Mexico.

The new SuiteSuccess solutions for Mexico include:

  • SuiteSuccess Starter: SuiteSuccess Starter helps small, and fast-growing businesses manage all aspects of their business in one system. With SuiteSuccess Starter, customers in Mexico can quickly start working with KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports, and preconfigured control panels for all critical functions within a company from day one.
  • SuiteSuccess Financials First: Includes predefined roles, KPIs, panels, and workflows for finance departments. It will help organizations in Mexico to automate financial processes, accelerate the closing of the end of the month, improve reports, and achieve real-time visibility of the financial status of the organization. The Financials First Standard and Premium editions are now available to clients in Mexico.
  • SuiteSuccess add-ons: the new add-on modules, which include inventory management, financial management, project management, work orders, and assembly, demand planning, fixed asset management, and revenue management, allow customers to maximize the value of NetSuite quickly and efficiently.

SuiteSuccess customers in all markets also have immediate access to NetSuite’s global capabilities to process transactions in multiple currencies and take advantage of international growth opportunities.