Scribd had its official launch in Mexico

The company established alliances with key publishers to increase its Spanish-language catalog.

The subscription reading service Scribd announced through press release its plans to expand its reading experience and adapt it to the Mexican market.

Expanding the reading experience in a country of few readers

Promotional video of Scribd

Mexico is a problematic country for publishers. Despite being one of the most literate countries in Latin America, it has one of the lowest reading rates. A Mexican reads, on average, four books a year. A ridiculous figure if we compare it with the 52 books a year that report people that are living in Nordic countries.

The inconveniences have not prevented Mexico from having ambitious editorial projects. Book Festivals both in the capital of the country and in the metropolis such as Guadalajara and Monterrey show that in Mexico, the population has an interest in reading. The desire contrasts with the fact that in the country, there are barely more than a thousand bookstores.

In recent years, Scribd has seen a significant increase in the number of readers in Mexico who decide to use the Scribd digital library, which contains a wide variety of books and audiobooks. This fact led the company to choose to build a first-class experience for the country. 

As an unlimited subscription reading service, Scribd has allowed Mexican users to have greater access to audiobooks, news, magazine articles, documents, and more. The platform is also available on iOS and Android devices, as well as in web browsers. This infrastructure has allowed it to reach more than one hundred million readers.

With its plans in Mexico, the company intends to diversify its catalog in Spanish with more than 60,000 thousand titles from different authors and publishers. The service includes full access to all Scribd content from $ 8.99 per month.

Scrib joins with publishers in Mexico.

The company also made several improvements to tropicalize the experience offered by the product. Also, to improve the platform’s offer, the San Francisco-based company has established strategic alliances with publishing partners to diversify its contents. These partners include publishers such as Planeta, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, Anagrama, Sexto Piso, and El Colegio de México.

“Scribd has a long history of building meaningful relationships with publishers, and we are committed to contributing to the revenue increase of the publishing ecosystem,” said Andre Weinstein, Vice President of Content Acquisition and Strategy at Scrib. “We know that consumers in Mexico value reading as a fundamental tool for personal and professional development. We are proud to have created the most comprehensive digital library of content.”

The localized efforts for the Mexican market are a crucial piece of a major expansion strategy in Latin America, which represents a massive opportunity for the company to establish itself as a global reading service and go further in its mission as a company: change how the world reads.

Currently, Scribd has more than one million paid subscribers and throws more than one hundred million unique visitors to its platform per month. The complete catalog includes more than one million premium titles and 80 million documents. Readers in the platform spend more than 190 million hours reading on their platform per month.