Magento: Why retailers prefer this eCommerce platform?

More and more online stores base their sites on Magento.

More and more online stores base their sites on Magento. What features make this e-commerce platform so attractive to retailers?

Your clients visit your business less and less. They spend so much time on their smartphones and their computers that they no longer walk around the mall to appreciate your merchandise. You know it: love is born from sight, but how can you make them fall in love if they don’t turn to see you for having their eyes fixed on the monitors of their devices? 

You must modernize and go where your customers are: on the Internet. It sounds simple. But everyone seems to speak another language: HTML 5, PHP, SEO, etc.

Magento takes you by the hand on your way to the Web. This open-source platform has become preferred for both small businesses, startups, large retailers, and prestigious brands such as Samsung and Nike. A quarter of online stores prefer it. These are some of its characteristics that have enchanted both small and large businesses: 


  • Type of tool: Software for e-commerce 
  • Name: Magento 
  • Developer: Magento, Inc. 
  • First version: March 2008 
  • Last stable version: Magento 2.3.2, which is released on 2019-06-25. 
  • Programming language: PHP 
  • Operating system: Multiplatform 
  • Type: Content management system. 
  • Software for a shopping cart.

Magento features

Magento is the content management platform for e-commerce preferred by retailers. This tool has reached its popularity thanks to the scalability it offers to businesses. That is, thanks to Magento, e-commerce can go from being a small business to selling on a large scale without having to increase its operating costs significantly.

Scalability is one of the main attractions of Magento, but it is not the only one. This tool offers a series of functionalities that optimize the operations of online sellers, such as:

  1. Responsive design: Magento offers an adaptable design to the Web and mobile devices, which reduces investment in web development.
  2. Design customization: The image is part of a company’s brand. With this in mind, Magento allows users to modify the design of the platform, also offering great flexibility to make changes.
  3. Multiplatform option: Another advantage of Magento is the possibility of managing several stores from the same Administration Panel. This feature offers business opportunities for those who want to provide an outsourcing service for businesses.
  4. Advanced management of customers, orders, and sales.
  5. Complete administration of the catalog and product sheet. In addition to inventory and stock control.
  6. Internationalization support: Magento allows retailers to think about international sales, with the possibility of adding several languages, currencies, etc.
  7. Configuration of multiple forms of payment and shipping.
  8. Adapted to search engines. The Magento control panel allows you to modify and improve the content to optimize SEO results.
  9. Easy integration with social networks. Communicate with your customers where they are: on social networks. Magento makes it easy to create electronic publications on these sites.
  10. Marketing tools This platform also offers Marketing tools that have proven effective for e-commerce, such as cross-selling, suggested products, related products, product reviews and ratings, discount coupons and promotions, advanced statistics, report creation, etc.

Two stores that use Magento

These are some examples of Tienas online that have used Magento to create a new online sales channel.

Online store for baby clothes. The store highlights content on the home page, while it has a featured products section. It also includes a blog on the site of the page, which helps improve SEO results.


Fashion store with international sales. The store’s design is designed to highlight the products, with a discreet menu bar next to it that allows you to explore categories in the store.

How to get Magento?

From the Magento website, the company offers several solutions for businesses according to their turn, whether it is a B2B or a small company that wants to make its digital transformation.