BTC is going down, but not cryptocurrency-based companies

Despite the erratic season, Bitcoin-based companies have sought to expand, such as Cryptofacil.

After a disastrous 2018, the price of Bitcoin picked up at the beginning of the year. However, this trend stopped in mid-2019, when the value of the cryptocurrency began to fall again. Since then, the Bitcoin has fallen more than three thousand dollars.

Despite the erratic season, Bitcoin-based companies have sought to expand, such as Cryptofacil. This Uruguayan company has decided to start operations recently, betting on giving better alternatives in the country to buy bitcoins.

Uruguayan Exchange in Latin America

Cryptofacil is an Uruguayan exchange that has begun to expand in Latin American countries, with Mexico being the last place they have arrived. 

In spite of the lack of worldwide trust about bitcoin, in Latin America, the cryptocurrency has maintained its popularity in the region. The sharp drops in the value of bitcoin do not scare Latin American traders, who are accustomed to having their currencies devalue significantly over time.

Cryptofacil in Mexico

The platform will offer the possibility of buying bitcoins in Mexico, in addition to another 250 cryptocurrencies. In addition to its offer, Cryptofacil will include payment with a bitcoin card, something rare in the country.

“Offering the possibility of buying Bitcoins with a card was the most requested by thousands of users in Mexico. We are happy to be able to provide this functionality with Visa and MasterCard cards issued in Mexico when Bitcoin is on sale, “said Andres Szafran, co-founder of Cryptofacil.

Cryptofail has been operating in Mexico for more than a year, giving them the possibility to trade with more than 250 cryptocurrencies, many of them not offered by local exchanges such as Volabit or Bitso. However, the platform did not allow buying with cards, as it only accepted deposits with cryptocurrencies. This situation changed earlier this month.

24-hour online support

In addition to its extensive cryptocurrency offer, Cryptofacil provides 24-hour Spanish support to its users.

“Trust is the number one factor by which they choose us,” said Andres.

Support is a trust factor, but so is the support offered by Bittrex to this exchange platform. Bittrex is one of the sites with the highest volume processed in the world. The partnership with for the region allows Cryptofacil to meet high-security standards and better commissions than most locally available exchanges.

Crypotfacil gave BTC

To promote the use of bitcoin in general, and of its platform in particular, Cryptofacil has gifted bitcoins to users to support bitcoin. Users of the platform posted on Twitter with the hashtag # CFBitcoin, to participate in the contest that ended on October 15.

“Our mission is to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Since it can be a difficult concept to understand, we seek to stimulate the investigation of the subject with this type of competition, “said Andres when announcing the contest where they give away USD 1,000 for the best prediction of the price of Bitcoin.

These types of initiatives have contributed a lot to the growth of the company in the region while allowing to educate about cryptocurrencies.