Tenchi Security acquires BlueOps in Brazil

This acquisition offers Tenchi Security more exceptional experience in one of the main barriers in adopting security technologies.

Tenchi Security has acquired the training and consulting firm BlueOps, a cloud services security specialist, to incorporate its training and consulting portfolio focused on monitoring, detection, and incident response.

Security on Cloud Computing: Lack of training is the main challenge

This acquisition offers Tenchi Security more exceptional experience in one of the main barriers Brazil faces in adopting security technologies in its cloud environments, according to the Cloud Security 2019 report: Lack of internal training and knowledge. This issue was indicated by 41% of respondents for the study.

For this reason, training and certification of their work teams are the primary corrective measure that companies intend to take, according to 51% of respondents for the study. This situation is a clear reflection of the sharp learning curve that cloud computing represents for computers accustomed to traditional IT environments. A barrier that we can see in a large number of security incidents in cloud environments caused by incorrect configurations that could have been avoided or mitigated by development teams, IT and information security better trained in the safe use of cloud environments.

“We have received a lot of demand from the market for response and monitoring of incidents in cloud environments,” says Alexandre Sieira, founder of Tenchi, and highlighting “the intellectual property and the incredible talent we are providing with this acquisition will be essential to satisfy this demand with quality.”

BlueOps was founded in 2017 by Rodrigo “Sp0oker” Montoro and Felipe “Pr0teus” Espito, experienced professionals with an international profile in research and information security services to generate quality content and training in the field of defensive information security. Both Montoro and Espito will join the Tenchi Security team after the acquisition, leading research, training, and consulting activities in cloud environments.

Felipe Espito has a degree in Computer Technology from UNICAMP and a Master’s Degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from COPPE-UFRJ. He has more than ten years of experience in network and computer security, with emphasis on attack monitoring, computer networks, information visualization, and threat search. Founding member of Rio HackerMakerSpace, having lectured at events such as Hackers 2 Hackers Conference, BHACK, B-Sides (Las Vegas and Sao Paulo), FISL, Latinoware and SIEM Summit of SANS.

Rodrigo Montoro has more than eighteen years of experience in the technology and security market, mainly focused on safety monitoring and configuring workstations and servers, network security monitoring, and threat detection. He is the author of two international patents related to the exposure of malicious documents and traffic. He coordinated the development of detection rules. He was an evangelist and founder of the Brazilian community of Snort, an open-source tool for global use for monitoring and detecting intruders in the network. National and international speaker at events such as OWASP AppSec (USA and Brazil), DFIR Summit and SANS SIEM Summit, Toorcon (USA), H2HC (Sao Paulo and Mexico), SecTor, Mind The Sec, Roadsec, FISL , SOURCE (Boston and Seattle), ZonCon, BlackHat (Sao Paulo), BSides (Las Vegas and Sao Paulo). Professional experiences include periods in several respected information security companies in Brazil, as well as Sucuri Security and Trustwave Spiderlabs.

With an active client base in Brazil, hundreds of trained students and an internationally recognized team, BlueOps was one of the few Brazilian companies to be accepted to receive cutting-edge training in international events such as the 2017 and 2018 editions of one of the most respected and distinguished global information security events, Security B-Sides of Las Vegas. In Brazil, they also trained in activities such as the RoadSec of São Paulo. Since 2018 they are coordinators of the execution of the defensive flag capture competition (BlueWars) at the Hackers 2 Hackers Conference, an international event that takes place every year in São Paulo.

Tenchi Security, a startup for improving cloud computing benefits

Tenchi Security is a startup specialized in consulting services and solutions to help companies realize the benefits of using cloud computing with security and compliance. Their security and cloud experts work with customers’ technology, security, and business teams to define the right cloud technology adoption strategy, adopt industry best practices, implement security automation, avoid common mistakes and make it possible to improve investments in the cloud.

Tenchi Security was founded in 2019 by Alexandre Sieira, an international profile entrepreneur in the area of information security. Before founding Tenchi Security, he was co-founder and CTO of Niddel until the acquisition of the company by Verizon in 2018. Before that, he was co-founder and chief technology officer of CIPHER, Brazilian security management and consulting services company that received investments from BNDES, internationalized with operations in the United States and Europe, and then was sold to Prosegur.