Christine Tsai

Christine Tsai is the founder and CEO of the technology accelerator company 500 Startups.

Christine Tsai: Education

• 2002, University of Berkeley, Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Sciences

Christine Tsai: Early days

Christine Tsai worked for more than seven at Google, where she led the annual Google I / O company event, focused on software developers. Christine also directed the marketing product for YouTube. She also worked in the AdSense and Google Analytics units.

Tsai was also a ballet dancer, which is why she wore a tutu in the company’s four-month Demo Days, where 500 Startup members were dressed up.

Christine Tsai: Career

Christine Tsai partnered with Dave McClure a few months after he designed a plan to raise $ 30 million as a fund to launch the accelerator 500 Startups.

In July 2017, Christine Tsai assumed the position of CEO of 500 Startups in a period of crisis for the Mountain View technology accelerator. The company’s former CEO, Dave McClure, was singled out for harassing other women, which prompted an internal investigation. This scandal caused the company’s partners to request his resignation.

Tsai had to put out the fires caused by the scandals of the former CEO, such as the company’s program that had just been presented in Australia. In a public apology, she regretted that 500 Startups showed McClure as a hero and promised to create a comfortable environment for everyone, regardless of gender or background.

The sudden arrival of Christine Tsai to the company’s management bothered some investors, who did not know about the problem of sexual harassment until it appeared in the media.

A few months after taking command, Christine Tsai closed a deal with the Saudi corporate Abu Dhabi Financial Group, in a movement that meant a significant change in the company’s governance. The Saudi corporative bought some equity of the parent company of 500 Startups -Mothership- and took a seat on the board of directors.

Christine Tsai: Distinctions

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Christine Tsai: Other facts

Christine Tsai always showed an interest in startups and the work they did. While on Google, she made contacts with investors, which allowed her to be a fundamental piece for the startup of the 500 Startups acceleration program of the investment team.

In Silicon Valley, Christine Tsai is considered a peculiarity. She is looking for a way to make her work life compatible with the care of her two children. She is a big fan of Instagram. She says she would never invest in a company she has never tried before.

Christine Tsai: Publications

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