Brazilian Air Transport Company Added an Alternative Payment Method

The incorporation of SafetyPay as a payment option in GOL reflects the need of its consumers.

The GOL air transport company announced a new payment option for customers who buy plane tickets online. Now, airline’s users have an alternative payment method to SafetyPay, an alternative platform for making secure online payments.

SafetyPay is a startup founded in 2007 to facilitate online transactions between businesses and customers. This company has payment solutions for B2C and B2B companies so that frictions caused by traditional payment methods are eliminated. The company allows customers without a bank card or worry about electronic fraud to pay directly with their bank accounts or with cash in the local currency, without fear that their bank information will be shared online. For businesses, this startup increases sales by allowing the purchase of the unbanked population and international consumers. This platform currently has 380 banks as strategic allies in 17 countries in Latin America, Europe, and North America.

More digital options for customers without a bank account

The incorporation of SafetyPay as a payment option in GOL reflects the need of its consumers, who seek to have a bank transfer or cash as payment options, according to SafetyPay CEO Gustavo Ruiz. “Both GOL and SafetyPay seek to democratize services for the unbanked population, offering alternative payment methods for e-commerce,” said the company’s executive.

In extending the payment methods for GOL customers, the CAIXA financial institution played a crucial role. “The CAIXA solution through SafetyPay will contribute to expanding the scope of GOL. We are pleased to know that more people can travel paying with alternative methods, Ruiz said.

The head of the GOL Finance and Payments Office Mario Liao explained that “since its founding 18 years ago, GOL has played a key role in the democratization of air transport in Brazil.” The executive also mentioned an IBGE report, which indicated that 60 million Brazilians lacked a bank account. “Therefore, as the largest airline in the country, which aims to be the first in everything, we understand that it is equally necessary to provide access to this part of the population that does not have a bank account, but seeks air transport.” With this in mind, GOL sought ways to offer more payment options with the help of a complete e-commerce platform that focuses on strengthening the customer experience, the executive explained.

How does SafetyPay work?

SafetyPay Brazil allows users to buy tickets quickly and conveniently with online transactions and receive confirmation of the purchase in real-time. To use the new payment method, the passenger must book their tickets up to four days before the date of the flight, through the company’s sales channels: app, website, or stores VoeGOL, and choose the “Lottery” option. Upon completion, the amount must be paid within 24 hours at one of the 13,000 lottery houses or the more than 4,100 CAIXA branches, available in all municipalities of the country. Once completed, the client will receive an email or SMS with the flight confirmation.

“To provide services with convenience and recognized by the Brazilian population, CAIXA maintains a vast network of services, present in all the municipalities of the country, and the network of otic units is a strategic and essential channel in the reception of excluded clients.” explains Valter Nunes, Vice President of Distribution, Service and Business, CAIXA.

The incorporation of SafetyPay as a payment method complements those already offered by the company, which includes the leading brands of credit and debit cards, GOL cards, Visa Checkout, Masterpass, Paypal, UATP, bank transfer and Smiles & Money.