Google Launchpad Accelerator Mexico

Tutors who participate in the Google Launchpad Accelerator Mexico commented on their experience in the program.

The tutors who participate in the Google Launchpad Accelerator Mexico commented on their experience in the program that is focused on helping startups throughout Latin America.

The acceleration program of the technology giant helps entrepreneurs to create attractive, scalable, and impactful products and technologies. A week ago, Google welcomed ten of the selected startups, from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile. These companies will receive support and training programs for three months to overcome their technological challenges. In this way, Latin American entrepreneurs will have the tools to become the next great innovation.

In a series of videos, the Google Developers Latam YouTube channel presented each of the leaders that Google chose to guide the next generation of the Google accelerator. These are:

Pablo Celsi, Head of UX from

Celsi explains that its objective in the accelerator is to understand the needs of startups and guide them to comply with industry standards. Celsi recommends that all members of a startup team understand the contribution they offer to the company and then understand the impact of that contribution. Finally, he suggests resilience, which is the ability to recover from day-to-day frustration.

Lesly Ross, founder of Quantified Ardor

Ross mentions that passion runs the business, but it is numbers that make them grow. Lesly’s job is to teach startups to be guided by the data. She mentions that it is not enough to observe all the data. Still, it is also essential to identify the insights that have the most impact on the company at all levels: company, team, and individuals. This step helps the company to become a more productive, more efficient company and to create an environment of constant learning that allows growth.

Eran Paz, leader of the MDGo data science team

Eran Paz is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He has been a mentor on Google Launchpad for more than five years. Paz mentions that companies are increasingly aware of the value of their data. However, they do not spend much time collecting it or even ignore what they should obtain. Without a strategy to collect data, companies must do the following: 1) Start collecting data. If they don’t know what to collect, it is best to collect everything they can. 2) Think in the long term, as in the type of products they can offer in the next three or five years.

Will Koffel, Head of Startup Ecosystem, Google Cloud Americas.

Koffel is a developer, serial entrepreneur, and CTO. He works in technology for product development. When Google Cloud acquired his first startup, Koffel had the opportunity to work on Google Cloud, but with the startup ecosystem. Google Cloud offers startups one of the most reliable, secure, and developer-friendly platforms so they can build their innovative infrastructure. Google program startups receive discounts, credits, and technical support to use the platform. Google’s cloud computing service offers a series of tools for Big Data, AI, and ML and mobile implementations.

Grow with Google

The startups that will participate in the Google acceleration program will have the opportunity to learn with industry leaders how to help their businesses grow and how to take advantage of the tools they have available to improve their companies’ operations.