In Argentina, an agreement seeks to encourage the participation of women in IT

A cooperation agreement between Neoris and ChicasTic will generate synergy between academics and business.

The digital services company NEORIS has signed an agreement with ChicasTIC – the networking network that enhances the development and positioning of women in the ICT sector throughout Latin America to boost the participation of women in the technology sector in Argentina.

NEORIS is a company that designs innovative solutions for other companies that wish to enhance interactions with their customers, employees, and different key audiences through digital transformation strategies. The company has a global network of offices, innovation centers in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Now, in Argentina, it has reached an agreement with the ChicasTic organization to enable cooperation between both entities. The deal seeks to generate synergy in academia and business through activities and events that encourage female participation in training, training, updating, and recruitment, and personnel selection processes.

“Our inspiration through this alliance is to motivate and give tools to the next generation of innovators in technology and develop a prosperous professional career within our organization. That’s why we chose TIC Girls, “said María Delgado, Director of Talent at NEORIS.

These two organizations share the vision that women must be part of the transformation as leaders. Through this agreement, they hope to achieve higher labor insertion and at the same time, enhance the diversity of the technological sector.

Training for women with # Labs4Her

From NEORIS, they will also be launching the # Labs4Her, in which they train in the most requested technologies in the market to offer rapid labor insertion within the organization itself. The proposal covers the entire professional development process. “If we want to imagine diverse products and technologies, we need diverse teams,” Maria Delgado finally added.

Sonia Agnese, Director of TIC Girls, declared: “It is an honor that NEORIS has chosen TIC Girls to collaborate in this project that translates into training, job opportunities, and personal and professional development for women in the most dynamic and dynamic sector — currently required.