How to Hire a Software Developer?

Hiring software developers are increasingly expensive for companies.

Hiring software developers are increasingly expensive for companies. 

Hiring is a crucial factor in creating a successful company. The businesses that usually perform best have the best performing teams. For this reason, the hiring process is essential. Whether a company needs a full-time employee or outsource a job with an independent employee.

Choosing the right person for a task is a vital factor for the success of small and medium businesses.

Hiring is an essential step for the organization of a company, but it is not always easy to do it the right way. Companies that are seeking to expand and grow need more people. And companies expect those people to be right for the job, motivated and have a good attitude that fits the teams they already have.

Frequently, for many businesses, this means hiring in-house, but now businesses have the facility to hire external employees through outsourcing companies. 

Cheap is expensive

Some companies choose to contract an entire project via outsourcing with a team that is on the other side of the world for only a fraction of the price they would pay in their home country. These situations usually allow the company significant savings. However, these types of services sometimes deliver products that do not work correctly, and the project becomes something that cannot be used or sold.

Projects that fail are usually due to a lack of communication, visibility, and feedback during development. Companies cannot hire an outsourcing service for an important project without considering a close integration that includes the same conversation and feedback that an in-house team would offer, regardless of the type of project involved.

Another problem that arises in this type of project is the lack of quality and trust. Even in the agencies with the best reviews and examples of projects offer low prices and expect to get more money once the client is wholly engaged in it.

New options: remote programmers or business offices near where your company is

In the software development industry, new options are emerging that allow teams to hire reliable programmers and monitor project progress. 

Among these new options, we have the development centers that maintain an office where their clients are, while their work team is in another country. In this way, the client can follow the development of the project closely while obtaining the benefits of nearshoring.

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Another option that exists today is to hire developers who work remotely. However, in these cases, the hiring process can represent a problem for companies, given the work involved in finding the most suitable talent for the task. Facilitating this process is one of the missions of companies such as Brazil’s Kaynes.

Kaynes is a company to hire Software developers in South America. This company is located in Brazil. The company has contact with high-level talent in Brazil who work with companies in Canada, the United States, and Europe. This company helps other companies to do Nearshore Software Development.

In this way, companies in the United States have the option to save money while maintaining high-quality standards. Currently, Kaynes allows to hire:

  • .Net developers
  • Java developers
  • PHP developers
  • IOS developers
  • Android developers