Guardian Gen 2 is launched in Chile

The Chilean Seeing Machines distributor launches the latest technology for driver safety to improve safety in Latin America.

The Chilean Seeing Machines distributor launches the latest technology for driver safety to improve safety in Latin America.

Chilean distributor Seeing Machines Latin America (SMLA) officially introduced the latest generation of Guardian, an intelligent driver safety solution that uses sensors in the cab to monitor and respond to fatigue and distraction from commercial drivers in real-time.

Seeing Machines is a public company based in Australia that innovates in the field of computer vision technologies that allow machines to see, understand, and assist people. 

The machines have eyes

The company’s automated learning vision platform has the know-how to provide real-time identification and understanding of drivers through the analysis of heads, faces, and eyes using artificial intelligence (AI). This perspective enables Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), which monitor the identification and attention of the driver/operator, and can detect drowsiness and distraction in multiple transport sectors.

Seeing Machines develop DMS for the automotive, commercial fleet, aviation, rail, and off-road applications markets. The company has offices in Australia, USA. USA, Europe, and Asia, and provides cross-platform solutions to industry leaders in each vertical.

DMS is becoming a crucial safety technology integrated into the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) offerings for the automotive industry, particularly with the development of semi-autonomous and driverless cars. DMSs are also increasingly seen as a comprehensive security function in the entire commercial transport and logistics sector. They are ready to become a regulatory requirement for all cars, vans, trucks, and buses in Europe from 2022, with the rest of the world, expected to follow shortly after. 

Guardian Gen 2: a new technology for surveillance

Developed by the Australian company Seeing Machines, Guardian Gen 2 is a technology for increased safety designed to protect professional drivers, offering enhanced features to new and existing customers. 

Globally, Guardian is connected to more than 16,000 commercial vehicles and is used by more than 50 companies in Chile, improving safety for drivers, passengers, and communities.

“This launch is a significant milestone for Seeing Machines Latin America by providing improved technology to our customers in this region. Guardian is the world’s leading solution for the prevention of severe road accidents in real-time, and we are proud to distribute this technology that truly protects drivers and improves road safety, “said Jorge Morales, CEO of SMLA.

“We have recently established two significant new agreements with Chilean clients, Arauco and SMQ, which together will install 660 additional Guardian units in their respective fleets by the end of February 2020. Both companies have shown high confidence in our product, and have validated Guardian as the best solution in the market. We are not only your road safety provider but also your strategic partner. “

“With the launch of Guardian Gen 2 in Chile, we hope to help many other commercial fleets raise the safety of their drivers and assets to another level,” Morales concluded.

Commitment to improving security in logistics and transport

The launch event, which was attended by the Australian ambassador to Chile and Ecuador, HE Mr. Robert Fergusson, attracted around 100 leaders from the Chilean transport and logistics industry who have committed to improving safety.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Mike Lenné, VPS of Seeing Machines, Human Factors and Fleet, explained the importance of using high-quality naturalistic data, such as those collected through the Guardian solution, for the development and validation of Seeing products Machines “Human factors researchers seek to understand the interaction between driver psychology, management of the management task and the external environment.”

“We understand that these elements are equally important, and we use the data we obtain from the real world, using real people and their natural behaviors to develop and improve our technology,” Lenné said.

SMLA is part of the Seeing Machines global network and distributes the leading road safety solution to commercial logistics and passenger fleets in Chile.