Cultura Colectiva seeks collective investment

The digital media Cultura Colectiva opens a round of investment in Playbusiness with collective financing.

Cultura Colectiva began as a Facebook page, and now, with more than 50 million visits, this website is looking to collect 20 million pesos to expand its business in digital media.

A team of Mexican creatives founded Cultura Colectiva six years ago. Since then, it has positioned itself as one of the most-read websites in Latin America.

Currently, Cultura Colectiva is a leader in branded content and has achieved sales of 200 million pesos in the last three years.

The company’s success, born as a digital native, has allowed it to be a Mexican media that receive venture capital. In 2017, Dalus Capital invested four million dollars in this medium. Now, the media has decided to open another percentage of the company to the investment, but now through the Playbusiness collective funding platform.

Looking for a privileged position in an expanding market

Globally, investment in advertising will be 560 billion dollars in 2019. This investment will represent an annual growth of 5% compared to 2018. So far, digital advertising represents only a third of this market, while forecasts hope that 90% of this will be digital in the future.

The growth space is vast. However, taking advantage of it will depend on how the media are positioned there. Therefore, the money raised for investment in Playbusiness will be used mainly to develop in audiovisual media and expand in the Anglo-Saxon market. They already dominate social networks, but online videos are another market that even advertising agencies have failed to exploit.

Information is power, but it must be protected.

The success of Cultura Colectiva has not been free of pitfalls. Earlier this year, the medium was the center of a scandal due to a leak in its databases. This leak caused 540 million files with information from Facebook users to be exposed to the public, equivalent to 146 gigabytes of data stored in the Amazon digital storage service, known as Amazon S3.

The National Institute of Access to Information (INAI) currently carries out a verification procedure for the alleged breach of Cultura Colectiva to various provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties. Once said, the process is finished, INAI will determine compliance or non-compliance with said provisions, in which case it could impose the corresponding sanctions.

According to the team in this medium, the money raised through Play Business cannot be used to partially or cover the amount to be paid, so investors should be calm in this regard.

Invest in Play Business

Play Business is a collective funding platform where users can invest in both startups and franchise chains. This platform has recently been in the process of regularization before the Mexican Banking and Securities Commission.

Those who wish to invest in Cultura Colectiva may register for Play Business and do so from this link.