Coworking spaces in Colombia for digital nomads

Watch in this video some coworking alternatives for digital nomads in Medellin, Colombia.

Coworking spaces are an affordable alternative for startups and freelancers that need an office to carry out their activities. These places are already equipped with the basics to offer a pleasant space. By sharing the same area, networking is also promoted.

Youtuber Salvador “TK” Briggman comments on some coworking options that digital nomads can find in Medellín, Colombia. These spaces include amenities that make work feel less like duty and more like pleasure.

In recent years, Colombia has become one of the preferred countries for nearshoring. In the country, companies that offer professional solutions globally multiply while also providing a pleasant life to independent professionals. For this reason, Colombia is one of the destinations preferred by the so-called digital nomads: individuals who work online around the world.

Learn more in this video about the coworking options that digital nomads have in Medellín, Colombia.