Digital marketing solutions by subscription, now available for small hoteliers

Sojern's digital marketing solution offers highly personalized advertising to users through multiple devices and digital channels.

The online tourism market has grown in Latin America in recent years. An expanding middle class has motivated this fact, being Argentina, Peru, and Mexico, the countries that showed the most robust market in 2018. This scenario has driven the digital marketing solutions provider Sojern to see an opportunity in tourism in the region.

In a press release, Sojern announced that since January 2019, the company would offer its digital marketing services for independent hotels and chain properties as a subscription. This type of subscription service has been popular with customers in the Sojern hotel sector for some time.

Sojern already offered this type of service for the big chains. The novelty of this package is that the same enterprise-level technology developed to drive marketing campaigns for the world’s largest travel brands, is now available for smaller hotels for a fraction of the price on a single platform.

Sojern’s digital marketing solution offers highly personalized advertising to users through multiple devices and digital channels such as Facebook and Instagram, video, graphic ads, and search. Specific ads and content take potential customers to the hotel’s website to book directly.

Offering solutions to small competitors in the sector

Sojern’s digital marketing platform seeks to be a solution available for small hoteliers. Most of these small competitors in the sector do not have access to the same resources as the leading brands. Many also lack the time and experience necessary to manage multiple providers and create a comprehensive mix of digital media that will allow them to reach customers online.

Sojern offers hotels a way to efficiently execute sophisticated digital marketing campaigns through multiple channels to reach travelers at the precise moment they plan and book a trip by providing access to real-time traveler data and all major digital advertising channels And now, for the first time, this platform can be accessed either by commission or by subscription.

Sojern’s digital marketing solutions for travel are based on more than a decade of experience analyzing the complete path of the traveler to buy. The company takes dream travelers to the destination by activating the multi-channel brand and performance solutions on the Sojern Traveler platform for more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

The Sojern platform identifies travelers in the market and uses advertising to generate direct bookings and increase Web traffic on the hotel’s website while encouraging direct relationships with customers. Sojern automates the management and optimization of campaigns so that hotels can focus not on the complexities of digital marketing, but their priority: the guest experience. Additional program benefits include complimentary advertising creatives, creative A / B tests, translation services, and knowledge of the local and competitive market.

Initially developed for the world’s largest hotel brands, Sojern now offers its digital marketing solutions for independent hotels and chain properties in two different ways, both backed by proprietary data science and backed by a dedicated customer success analyst. : Pick Your Plan ™, or subscription, and Pay On The Stay ™ customers.

“Today, it is easier and cheaper than ever for a hotel to create a website and accept reservations online, but attracting qualified travelers in the market to your site is a continuous challenge. Which hotelier has the time, budget, or the experience to master search marketing, Facebook, Instagram, screens, videos, mobile devices, natives, and the next big news, especially when competing with multi-million dollar advertising budgets of the OTA? “said Kurt Weinsheimer, Sojern Solutions Director. “Sojern has been observing the behavior of travelers on the mobile and digital Web since 2007 and provides solutions to the most significant travel brands on the planet to increase their participation in direct bookings and meet their performance KPIs. We realized that there was an opportunity to turn this experience into simple solutions for hoteliers with smaller budgets who did not want to run the risk of a traditional media insertion order model. “

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