The Streaming Wars: for the conquest of content on-demand

The struggle for streaming services has increased, with the entry to the market of new competitors.

According to a survey by the consulting firm Nielsen in the United States, users of streaming film and television services expect content providers to keep the content stream alive.

This year, the struggle for streaming services has increased, with the entry to the market of the Disney + platform, Walt Disney Co, which adds to the competition of other services such as Netflix, Apple TV +, CBS All Access, Amazon Prime, or ClaroVideo.

Streaming users are loyal

According to the report Total Audience Report, prepared by Nielsen, despite the increase in transmission services, 93% of users will continue to pay for those who currently have or would write to others.

A concern of investors in technology and financial analysis media is the possibility that the market is saturated and, therefore, it is difficult for new content platforms to enter the competition. However, the Nielsen survey shows that consumers will continue to hire them.

In 2019, the American public was able to choose more than 646,000 different titles between traditional television platforms and broadcasts, an increase close to 10% since 2018, according to Nielsen.

Of those, about 9% were available only on internet video streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + from Walt Disney Co, Apple TV + from Apple Inc or CBS All Access from ViacomCBS.

Young adults, the segment that consumes the most content

Streaming services are more popular among young adults. People aged 18-34 who participated in the Nielsen study, 96% were subscribed to video streaming services, compared with 91% among all consumers of all ages.

Almost a third of all respondents and almost half of those responding between the ages of 18 and 34 indicated that they are subscribed to three or more paid services, leaving enough space for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max services, owned by AT & T, and Peacock, from Comcast, which will be released this year.

An alliance between Telmex and Netflix

Along with the demand for streaming services, competitors in the market multiply. However, this significant market growth has raised doubts about whether Netflix will be able to maintain its market dominance. 2019 was a bad year for this streaming company and content producer.

Netflix’s stocks did not stop falling during 2019. The increase in service prices meant the first loss of subscribers in eight years. Meanwhile, series like Friends, which were among the most popular on the platform, left their catalog.

In Latin America, the Disney Plus service will arrive until after the first quarter of 2021. This gap will give Netflix enough time to develop a strategy that allows it to position itself in the Latin market.

In a move to retain subscribers that Netflix has in Mexico, the company allied with Telmex to offer Infinitum customers – the largest Internet provider in Mexico – a package that includes access at no cost, as it already does with ClaroVideo.

According to some media, this alliance could also include in the future the largest mobile service provider in Mexico, Telcel, which would allow the company.