Google organizes a digital event for game developers

Due to the coronavirus, the Game Developers Conference was postponed, but Google will present its news at a digital event.

In the breakout of the coronavirus, various events in the tech industry have had to be postponed or suspended. This destination was the same for the annual video-game developer convention, known as the Game Developers Conference.

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In the past month, the organizers of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) had to make the difficult decision to postpone the event, which would occur in March of this year. The conference had to be changed for August 3, 2020, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The decision has caused deep disappointment for many players in the video-game industry. Google has been one of the most disappointed because, for the Menlo Park company, this event is an opportunity to connect with the video game industry.

“I will do my own conference…”

In order not to want to, Google has decided to organize its own video-game developers convention, which does not mean that it will disregard sanitary precautions to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Google will host the Google for Games Developers Summit, a developer convention that will be completely digital and free. At this event, Google will announce everything it had in store for the GDC.

The Google event will kick off on March 23 at 9 a.m., Pacific time in the United States. From the first moment, Google will hold developer sessions for ten consecutive hours with content that is intended to be of help for participants to improve their video games.

Between the sessions that Google will keep, there will be success stories of industry leaders who have managed to overcome the challenges of video game testing, infrastructure, and launch for all platforms.

Google also prepares announcements about the development in Android, with tools that seek to improve the performance of large APK files, as well as improvements in the graphics and improvements in the analysis of the memory of the devices.

One of the points that cause the most expectations among the gaming community is Google’s advances in video game servers, which is currently an alpha product.

Support for the video game developer community

In solidarity with video game developers, Google is coordinating with the GDC emergency fund to sponsor and assist developers who had already invested in conferences to grow their video games.

Likewise, Google invites developers to use YouTube’s streaming services to carry out all kinds of events with its Live Streaming and Premieres tools, so they don’t want to share the progress of their developments.

The question remains which tool or product will be so exciting that Google cannot wait until August to present it. Whatever it is, the company stated on its developer page that its team had created solutions to drive the success of the developer community.