Two Asian startups arrived in Colombia

One startup from Singapore and other from Hong Kong arrived in Colombia.

In Colombia, two Asian companies will come to continue nurturing the entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem in sectors such as agriculture and human resource areas, even amid quarantine.

One of them is DiMuto, a leading agricultural technology platform in Singapore, which using blockchain, internet of things and artificial intelligence uses data to digitize the agricultural supply chain and build trust among participants.

As explained by its founder, Gary Loh, this company manages to solve typical problems in the sector such as food waste, food safety, and sustainability.

Loh also highlighted that under the impacts and uncertainty that coronavirus has generated in the world, its solution takes special importance for products and consumers, since it generates trust and traceability in the food chain.

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“With data captured through our solutions, food chain participants can now review and monitor the quality of fresh produce, building trust and transparency, especially important in times of COVID-19,” said Loh.

On the other hand, Talkpush will arrive in the country. This startup has established itself as one of the leading recruitment automation companies in Hong Kong thanks to its high-volume solutions.

As they explained, last year the technology of this startup managed to automate more than 210 million conversations with candidates, making it the processor with the highest volume worldwide.

It uses automation technology to offer workflows to optimize traditional recruitment processes. In this way, recruiting teams can eliminate up to 95% manual tasks and solidify their digital recruiting operations.

Thus, the company empowers recruitment teams in mass recruitment environments to spend their time focusing on the best-qualified candidates, while offering each one an excellent experience at scale. Talent exchange, the commitment of this venture to cope with quarantine

Currently, the company caters to employers in three main sectors: retail, business outsourcing, and staffing such as Walmart, Teleperformance, and Adecco. “The focus on digital recruiting has accelerated in the age of social distancing and employers around the world are looking for digital solutions to help them accelerate recruitment as economic activity resumes,” said Max Armbruster, founder, and director. Talks executive.

The landing of the two companies is leveraged in the recent investment and expansion process carried out by the venture capital fund, Latin Leap, and other funds such as 500 start-ups (500 Durians), Seedcamp, and Cocoon Ignite Ventures.

As Latin Leap explained, one of its characteristics is to facilitate the smooth landing of new companies to the local market, providing a broad understanding of the socio-political, regulatory, and financial context.

“With the importance of the agricultural sector in Latin America for supplying the world, we think that the industry benefits enormously from the digitization and traceability that DiMuto offers. These elements bring peace of mind to end consumers in other parts of the world. We are proud to be able to accompany a company of this size as DiMuto in its growth in Colombia, ”said Stefan Krautwald, general partner of Latin Leap.

For his part, in front of the startup Talkpush, Stefan Krautwald, partner of the fund, assured that “Talkpush, with its solid range of technology and its impressive list of international clients, fits perfectly into our portfolio of business investment in Colombia and Latin America. We are proud to accompany them on their growth path in the region ”.