Chile: Ecommerce grew up triple-digit in two months

E-commerce revenues grew by 145% between March and April, according to Ecomsur data.

It’s not a secret that e-commerce is a fast-growing sector due to the lockdown. However, the figures in Chile are astonishing. E-commerce revenues grew by 145% between March and April, according to Ecomsur data.

Some categories are making a kill. The “kids” category registered the most important increase in its income almost ten times. Meanwhile “Groceries” continues its growth trend, increasing 692% during the same period and far exceeding the expectations projected at the end of March.

Comparing with the same month the previous year, Ecommerce hit a revenue growth of 502% during April. In this way, the upward curve observed since March of this year continues to strengthen, reaching an increase of 145% in income, compared to the previous month, where growth had been around 85%.

Ecomsur, is a Chilean company specialized in the implementation and operation of digital channels and leader in full commerce services that operate with 70 brands in Chile and the region, from various industries such as Coca-Cola, Umbrale, Samsonite, Philips, Casa & Ideas, Carter ´s, Beer House, Samsung, Colloky, Swarovski, Ficcus, among others.

Among the categories that Ecomsur manages, Kids – which covers children’s clothing and other items – is the one that presented the highest growth in April, where its income increased by 235.1% compared to the same month of the previous year.

This growth in Kids was also much higher than that between February and March with 77.66%, this indicates that people are making the season change, considering that winter is approaching,” explains Mario Miranda, founder, and CEO of Ecomsur. These reasons also apply to “Fashion”, whose income increased by 198.21% in the same period.

The “Groceries” sector continues to show significant growth month by month, “so far the peak of the sector continues to be in March, where the first quarantine was experienced and there was an oversupply by people. The current quarantine decreed mainly to the Metropolitan Region can maintain this behavior, which would maintain high growth, “says the executive.

Projection in the coming months according to the analysis carried out by Ecomsur, the effect of the self-imposed and compulsory quarantine will continue to have a positive impact on e-commerce, which has become the main channel of purchase, both for Chileans and in most countries.

Mario Miranda, General Manager of Ecomsur said that “we see that this mandatory change in the buying habit as a result of the pandemic has pushed companies to consider Ecommerce as a strategic pillar to sustain themselves regardless of their size, which is why we project an increase of over 60% in total transactions during May over the previous month ”.