Remote jobs for developers in Brazil

E-commerce companies are looking for high-level professionals for leveling up their operations.

As unemployment grows in much of the world, e-commerce urgently requires specialists to enable them to scale up their activities.

These are some Brazilian startups that are offering vacancies in the midst of a pandemic.

Cielo offers 20 vacancies

Cielo wants to expand its team of IT professionals to respond to the new challenges in the area of ​​payments imposed by the new coronavirus pandemic.

There are 20 openings for developers with benefits like flexible hours and home office. The company does not require higher education from candidates, only technical knowledge and experience.

And the selection, which is completely virtual, will pay attention to professional women to increase diversity in the team.

According to the president of Cielo, Paulo Caffarelli, they are looking for restless professionals passionate about technology.

Those interested can access the vacancies on the website.

Algar Tech

After putting nearly 9,000 employees into remote work, Algar Tech begins paving the way for the ultimate home office with 75% of the team evaluating that they would like to maintain the model.

In the first stage, the personnel and the commercial areas of the multinational relationship and management of the technological environment will no longer return to work face to face. There are more than 600 employees staying at home, even with the flexibility of quarantine.

The company follows the same trend as other companies, such as Twitter and QuintoAndar, eliminating the obligation to return to the office and waiting for a safer moment for everyone’s health.


The QuintoAndar, a real estate startup, will expand the home office by the end of the year, despite the relaxation of the quarantine.

The company hopes to preserve the health of employees as long as there is no COVID-19 vaccine available.

However, when the pandemic ends, employees who prefer the new remote work model will not need to return to the offices in São Paulo and Campinas.

“As the situation has not yet stabilized and we are working well with remote work, we will stay home to keep everyone safe,” says Gabriel Braga, co-founder, and CEO of QuintoAndar.

Employees will receive a monthly allowance to cover expenses online and will receive reimbursements for support materials for working at home.

The startup will also redesign its offices, changing cleaning protocols to accommodate employees who need to go to the office. In the future, with a permanent home office, the spaces will serve as centers for meetings, events, and training.

For those looking for a job opportunity with home office, the startup has 30 vacancies for business, financial and legal, product and technology, and growth. Check the website.

These trends show that digitization, instead of eliminating jobs, will cause companies to increasingly require specialists in the fastest growing sectors.