Technological Platforms in Mexico have a minisite for taxes

The Mexican Tax Administration Service specified that national or foreign technological platforms may enter the minisite.

The Mexican Tax Administration Service (know as SAT) stated that since the new Technological Platforms scheme came into effect on June 1, 2020, it created a mini-site on its Portal to facilitate compliance with tax obligations.

The dependency of the Mexican government specified that national or foreign technological platforms may enter the minisite at this link.

The institution added that natural persons with business activity who dispose of goods, provide services or grant accommodation through the Internet through technological platforms, computer applications and the like, can also enter the information necessary to make their contributions in one place.

Explanation about the new SAT’s platform (in Spanish)

They explained that this minisite is made up of a specific section for technology platforms and another for individuals with business activities, so that they know their obligations regarding registration and updating the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC), issuance of vouchers prosecutors, payment statements, informative statements, as well as a section with diverse support material related to this topic.

“To know the declarations that they must present they will be able to enter the Simulators”, detailed the SAT.

In the case of natural persons, if they belong to the RIF, they can submit their request for a change of regime through a case of the Taxpayer Service at PortalSAT. Login, action, authenticating are with RFC and password. They will be able to consult their regime change, in a maximum of six business days. Under this scheme, it is not necessary to go to the SAT offices to carry out the procedure.

It is suggested that, to generate, update or recover the password, use SAT ID; which works for any regime of natural persons, except for minors, for which they must: Use SAT ID is a person over 18 years of age registered in any regime of natural persons.

Use Chrome or Mozilla as a browser when requesting the password through SAT ID, or download the application in the Play Store for Android or in the App Store for IOS.

Attach an official identification; if it is INE, license, or professional license they must scan it on both sides.

If the SAT finds inconsistencies in the validation process, an email or a message will be sent with the instructions to start a new process; they have up to three opportunities to do so.

If you have a disability that prevents you from complying with the steps requested by SAT ID, you should request help from a third party who comments during the video about why you are helping, it is important that both people appear in it.