Let Me Think, the app that puts your phone on work mode, launches its totem

The application Let Me Think, which brings a work environment to mobile phones, is launching its app totem.

The application Let Me Think allows you to create a work environment on your mobile phone. Today, it is launching its totem, an elegant piece of hardware that makes Let Me Think even more simple to use.

Let Me Think works on the assumption that mobile phones distract us when we work (true). According to the startup, we unlock our screen 80 to 120 times a day to check our phone, and we spend an average 2:51 hours a day checking our phone. Each phone notification is a focus-killer and a door to a stream of distracting content. To restore the tranquility of uninterrupted focus, Let Me Think was designed to create a work environment within your phone.

After installing Let Me Think, set up which applications are allowed in the Let Me Think work environment. This creates a secondary home on your phone where only those apps are accessible, and only the push notifications from those apps are displayed. The app also provides stats to understand how you benefit from the usage of Let Me Think when you work.

Let Me Think now works with an app and a “totem”. The totem is a black box that you typically leave on your office desk. Every time you activate Let Me Think on your phone, just touch the totem with your phone and the app launches.

The Let Me Think totem is available on Kickstarter for pre-orders with a launch price of 44,99 euros.